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Thread: Bic chrome platinum blades any good?

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    Default Bic chrome platinum blades any good?

    I was thinking of trying these blades but i couldn't find anything on them,so i thought i'd ask here what are they like?

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    I tried these early on after coverting to DE and I wasn't overly impresseby at first, but I've since put that down to poor technique because I recently tried them again and was surprised to get four good shaves from them. They haven't become a favourite of mine but I'd happily use them now. You can read more reviews of them here.

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    I don't get the same longevity from them as Alias does, but the first shave is usually excellent and the second one is very good, with a noticable
    amount of deterioration in the cutting edge of the blade. I could probably push it to three, but have no reason to.

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