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Thread: Simpson, Rooney, Shavemac Size Comparo

  1. Default Simpson, Rooney, Shavemac Size Comparo

    Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.
    Polo 12 (super), Shavemac XXL Horn (silvertip), Rooney (silvertip), Simpsons PJ2 (super) In order from largest to smallest.

    From the top...

    Rooney next to PJ2 (notice the thicker knot on the rooney)

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    Blast from the Past!

    Rooney Heritage Beehive, Simpsons Chubby2 super, Simpsons Chubby1 best, B&B "Essential", B&B Limited Edition 2008

    ... only the two Simpsons were on the market when Joel made the earlier post ... the two B&Bs and the Beehive are more recent creations (although I understand the Beehive is based on a model from the 18th Century or thereabouts.)
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    Thank you Doc. Joel's "Brush Wars" saga was quite the epic, the stuff quest myths are made of. Thank you for bringing this back to the fore where it belongs.

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