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    I shaved last night for the first time with a DE89, Derby blade, and kiss my face cream. It was okay, nothing to get crazy over. I blame it on my first time.

    But I do have a question. After my shower and I started to put cream on my wet face, my face dried up real fast like I was no longer wet shaving. Hopefully that explains it, just my face was not moist. I think I might have the culprit, the castile soap I sometimes use as a face wash. It can be drying but can that affect the wet shaving and cream?

    I might try the shaving again today and use my wife's face wash this time for comparison.

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    Did you lather, or apply the cream directly? I know the first time I used cream, unknowingly I applied it straight to my face and did not lather.

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    I lathered In a bowl and I have used the cream before. But never have shaved when I use castile soap to wash my face.

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    I thought the KMF cream was not meant to be lathered???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Predict View Post
    I thought the KMF cream was not meant to be lathered???
    It can be lathered with a brush or used brushless. KMF is known to lather easily.
    - Lucas

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    If the cream dries on your face, it is no longer wet shaving. Always keep your face moist and the blade will glide across your face. You have a great razor, your shaves will get better. IMHO feathers work best in the DE89
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    Yeah that's why I didn't understand why it dried out. It's never dried out like that before. I lathered with a X2L brush.

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    Could have been a fluke. Definitely want the lather wet, so you might try a couple practice lathers to make sure you got the water ratio down.
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    Okay I'll be working on it. The lather looked great in my opinion. But I'm new to this so what do I know.

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    KMF is definitely a great cream to start with as it lathers easily. Try it with a different face wash maybe? Or add a bit more water to your lather. A couple years later, and I am still "practicing" lathering some days

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    I tried it with a different face wash and definitely a lot better. I didn't think a face wash could do that.

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