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Thread: Pics lathering Trumper almond....

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    Default Pics lathering Trumper almond....

    Some chaps were having problems lathering up some trumpers almond - so I took some pics...

    Decided to go witht he shavemac. It has been a bit lonely.

    Soaking the brush in hot water, and warming up the bowl

    Dippin' sauce

    Twist of cream in the brush

    10 swirls in the bowl

    20 swirls

    25 swirls

    5 swipes across my hand

    Spreading my fingers to show the density

    Retiring the Shavemac for future use.

    I would just like to mention. After having not used the Shavemac for a few days, I must mention, I forgot just how good it is and I must say, it holds more water, develops more lather, and uses less cream than the polo 12. Hands down the shavemac is a superior brush.

    P.S. - For what it is worth, I got the tub of Trumpers Almond in trade from someone who couldn't get it to lather properly. Could you explain your method of lathering so we can figure out what is wrong? What kind of brush are you using? How much water? I think it might be another factor inhibiting your quality trumper experience - not the cream.
    - Joel
    joel (at)

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    Them is almost obscene pictures.
    There's a homing beacon hidden in the base of my Slim Adjustable.

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    Great review, Joel.

    Welcome to B&B.

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    Oh Boy...........Lather Porn!

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