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Thread: Cadet TP26 or Merkur

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    Default Cadet TP26 or Merkur

    I'm considering trying an OC razor just to see how it feels. I don't want to spend much for it.

    It seems most OCs are considered aggressive, but some folks say they aren't.

    Between the Cadet TP26 and the Merkur 1904 Classic, which would be less aggressive, or are they very similar? Anyone use both of these that can say if there's a difference?


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    Oh yes, there is a very considerable difference. The Cadet is significantly more aggressive than the 1904. Not to say that the TP26 is super aggressive; it's slightly beyond the mid-range, IMO, but the 1904 is quite mild. So there is a pretty substantial difference between the two.

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    1904 OC is even too mild for delivering BBS. It is probably one of the most mild razors ever made. Still it is very efficient in removing long wiskers. You will very easily mow down more than a week of growth.
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    Thanks for the info. I like mild razors, but I have a DE89, so I may try the Cadet.

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    The Cadet's a pleasure. When shopping for open combs last spring, I researched them.The Cadet had come out about a year earlier, and had gotten a lot of raves. Spang's description is a good summary: in the field of leading OCs Cadet is middling "aggressive" (blade exposure, gap, angle, and 'feel'). BOTOC had considered offering a B&B OC and considered the Cadet the leading contender. Cadet OCs came out at such a competitive price and quality they seem to have pushed the price for other new production OCs down a bit to compete. Still, they offer a particularly good value. Shop around just a bit from traditional wet shaving vendors and on BST, and you can get them for a very sweet deal.
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