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Thread: Mix It Up Monday: Beefeater vs. Junipero Gin

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    Default Mix It Up Monday: Beefeater vs. Junipero Gin


    I hope to (with some regularity) perform side-by-side comparisons of liquors in various cocktails. I recently did so using Bulleit Rye and Rittenhouse Bottled in Bond Rye in a Manhattan. Having recently purchased my second bottle of Junipero Gin, I decided to compare it to my go-to gin for martinis, Beefeater. When I say Martini I should probably say Gibson since I like garnishing with cocktail onions. Having recently watched North by Northwest again, I can't help but picture myself across from Eve Kendall on a train and ordering one.
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    "It's a nice face. " Ho-cheee-mama!

    Okay, so I made two "gin and vermouths" using one ounce of each gin and 1/8 ounce of Noilly Pratt vermouth (American formula, my last bottle ). Rinsed utensils in between to prevent cross-contamination.
    Both were great. With no garnish I'd almost put them even to my pallet. The Junipero had maybe a tad more complexity on the back of my mouth. I ate a oyster cracker or two between tasting them.
    I then added a cocktail onion. For whatever reason, the Junipero really responded to the garnish. I haven't a clue as to why, but the difference in taste pretty much justified the difference in price to my mind.
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    I know it isn't Monday, but I don't think the moderator would have appreciated me naming this post F--- It Up Friday.

    Cheers Gentlemen and enjoy your weekend to the fullest,
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    Interesting concept. Thanks for sharing.

    I used to be a Beefeater/Booth's drinker, but I'm a Plymouth guy now on the rare occasion that I drink a gin cocktail.

    I'd like to taste the Junipero just to see how it stacks.
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    Hey Walter/Johathan,
    I loves me some Plymouth for a Martini as well. Great stuff. I get the Junipero for about the same price and it's is produced here in USA (small incentive for me). It's made by the folks who brew Anchor Steam beers. I have no affiliation with those folks.
    If you are a gin drinker, Hayman's Old Tom gin is wonderful in a Martinez if you like those.

    Cheers man,
    "It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again."

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