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Thread: Looking for an electric travel kettle

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    Default Looking for an electric travel kettle

    I travel a lot for my job and would like to take my tea with me. Obviously, the tap water isn't hot enough to steep tea. Does anyone have experience with a small electric kettle? Maybe around 16 to 32 ounces. Just something small enough to throw in my suitcase.



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    My last trip to India I took along a Black and Decker travel kettle. It was a little more expensive than the general group of kettles, but it was dual voltage (110/220), was very very light, and included stackable travel cups and stirrers.
    Often, having a cup is as important as a kettle, and the stirrers were much better than using a hotel pen.

    It was perfect for coffee, tea, and filling the sink with hot water for shaving.

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    Thanks Phil. I will check it out.

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