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Thread: Soap/Cream Question from a Newb

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    Default Soap/Cream Question from a Newb

    So looking at the difference in prices between many of the soaps and creams I am wondering how long that tub of 5oz $25 cream will last me shaving every day. Or how about the soaps? Thanks!

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    Hmmm. Well, of course it depends on how much you use. I have so many in rotation, I can't calculate the number of shaves from each soap or cream. My soaps are diminishing less, though. The trade off for me is that creams lather easier, and I like the scent of some of them. There are great shaving creams and soaps at much less than $25 a pop.
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    If you're using 1 soap or cream at a time (a difficult task once you start), 3 passes / shave, I would say at a very minimum 3-4 months.

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    Depends how much you use, how many time you shave... 5oz is ~150ml so probably anywhere between 1 1/2 month to 4 months...
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