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Thread: Sweat compatible sunscreen...

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    Unhappy Sweat compatible sunscreen...

    Now I religiously put on Bullfrog SS every morning since I am of scottish descend and usually before I headout. I need a sunscreen that stands up to sweat my usual is lacking. I pulled my boy in a bike trailer for 15-20 miles why we were running errands around Hilo, Hi and I got a little more sun than I would like. I know re-apply, re-apply, but its a pain in the tuchus while you are riding or running. I do re-apply after surfing. I think the added humidity here is killing me as this wasnt a problem for me in SoCal or AZ.

    So does anyone have a suggestion for sunscreen that is sweat proof?
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    In my experience, the normal Bullfrog is the best. I've been using it since my trip to the Bahamas about 8 years ago. I was also a lifeguard for a while in high school and used it exclusively. I'm from Charleston, SC, so I know humid. Bullfrog works for me.

    You also might want to try the Coppertone Sport. It comes in a gel (like bullfrog), spray or aerosol.

    One of my friends dad, who had skin cancer on his face swears by a certain kind, but I cant remember for the life of me what it is called. He plays a lot of tennis though, so it is good with sweat.

    Really though, no sunscreen is truly sweatproof. You'll still have to re apply, since it will only protect you for a certain amount of time, even if you aren't sweating.

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    myself, my skin is quite dark, and it tans extremely fast. If I use any sunscreen, I get rashes all over my face and body. It's terrible, but, I'm allergic to just about every kind.


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    Hello KingSlug,

    I, too, had that problem with other sunblocks I was using, until I found Neutrogena Ultra Sheer™ Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55. It contains Helioplex™ technology, the latest breakthrough in UV protection. The Dry-Touch technology absorbs excess sunscreen oils, leaving a clean, lightweight, non-shiny finish.

    The Neutrogena site says:

    Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)




    I use it everyday if I will be leaving the house. I first spray on some toner (which is the last step of my shave routine anyway) and then rub in a small amount all over my face, throat, neck, ears and hands. Skin feels satin-smooth, not oily or greasy. Works great when I go flyfishing - doesn't wash off if I dip my hand in the water, and it doesn't irritate my eyes if I start sweating.


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