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Thread: Does anyone use a pewter shave mug?

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    Default Does anyone use a pewter shave mug?

    I have a Progress Vulfix Ltd/Sheffield Mint pewter shave mug that I bought some time ago for $50 during a weak AD moment. It's a beautiful mug and comfortable to use, although I prefer my roomier Col. Conk ceramic mug. The problem with the pewter is that it leaches metal, a gray discoloration, into the soap from where it contacts the bottom of the mug. I certainly don't want this on my face or in my brushes so I stopped using the mug. Has anyone else had this experience?

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    Hey Rich,

    I believe that Lee from Lees Razors uses the pewter mug that he sells. Maybe he can chime in on his experiences with the mug he uses and sells.
    Bob O.

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    That's a shame Rich, that is a very handsome mug.

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