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Thread: Thomas Turner Sheffield 'Frameback' for Trade

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    Default Thomas Turner Sheffield 'Frameback' for Trade

    Now I've been collecting razors for a few months, and having developed my tastes, I have decided that I'm not in love with the frameback style.
    I have a razor which is a pseudo frameback, ie the tang and blade are one piece but it has a separate spine. I've decided that although it's a nice razor, it's not in keeping with the direction in which my collection is growing.

    The tang is stamped 'Thomas Turner Sheffield', and I think it's pretty old, someone on this forum placed it at around 1860.
    The blade is in remarkably good shape.
    Considering the age of this razor it is in much better condition than you might expect. I have rated it 'good' after reading the guidelines, but that's probably a little unfair given its age.

    When I got it, there was a lot of black staining on the blade, but strangely there is no pitting. I guess the stains must have been caused by a chemical (maybe soap?) because there is no evidence of rusting. I have sanded off most of the staining, but there is still a large area on one side of the tang. It came off very easily. Originally the whole blade was stained in this way.

    The spine of the razor is brass. It appears to be a hollow tube of brass that has been filled with solder. If you look near the tip of the spine, you can see where hone wear has made it through the brass and exposed the solder underneath. The hone wear is not severe and is even. Brass being softer than steel, I think the hone wear is not proportionate to the wear that the blade itself has received, which seems to be minimal. I'd advise the new owner to tape the spine to avoid wearing the soft brass any further.

    The scales are pressed horn. They are very deep brown, almost black. Although there is some very slight warping when viewed from above, they are lined up ok with the blade and the edge does not catch when the razor is closed. The wedge appears to be lead and the pins are brass. The hinge pin is tight and the blade does not flop around whatsoever.

    In an effort to be fair, I think I have been overly critical of this razor, a bit of judicious restoration work will make it into a beautiful piece.

    This razor is NOT shave ready. Literally all I have done to it is sand away most of the staining.

    I'd like to trade this razor for another razor/razors. My interest seems to be leaning towards older 'meat chopper' type razors and hollow ground square points. If the right razor or razors comes along, I am happy to do a little restoration work, just no chipped, cracked or heavily pitted blades please. Scales are a non issue as I will be replacing them anyway.

    I'd prefer to trade with someone in the UK to make things simple.

    If I have forgotten anything or you want photos of a specific part of the razor, post a reply on this thread and I'll do my best to oblige.

    Thanks for looking :)

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    Nobody interested? This is a really nice razor

    On a technical level, I'd say that this razor is the best one in my collection, it's just the styling I'm not keen on. I'd even consider swapping it for a DA if it was shave ready.....

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    That brass spine looks really neat! Any chance you would be willing to sell it rather than trade, seeing as I have no straights to trade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gollum83 View Post
    That brass spine looks really neat! Any chance you would be willing to sell it rather than trade, seeing as I have no straights to trade?
    Ironically, I think it's the brass spine that puts me off it.
    It's weird, it's such a nice razor but for some reason I just don't appreciate the aesthetics.
    By alll means PM me with an offer, I can always spend the money on a razor

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    PM Sent.

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