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Thread: Bic Sensitive Disposables

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    Default Bic Sensitive Disposables

    As I see it, the Bic Sensitives have the following virtues:

    * They're single-bladed.

    * They're sharp.

    * They're consistent. I never had a bad one.

    * Their edges last (a week for me).

    * The corners of the blade are proteced by the plastic housing. No nicks under the nose.

    * They're ubiquitous (even internationally); every drugstore and grocer has them. You don't have to order them on the Internet.

    * They're so well designed that shaving with them is intuitive and automatic. It's hard to screw up using them.

    * You can take them in your carry-on airplane luggage.

    * They're dirt cheap.

    * You don't get attached to them. If you lose one, or an entire package, you don't feel like you lost a friend.

    * If you're ecologic-minded, you can dispose of them in the recycle bin; I do.

    * You obviate the risk of cutting yourself when changing blades.

    On the other hand, the Bics have these weaknesses:

    * They look cheap.

    * You don't get attached to them.

    * You don't get the emotional satisfaction you get when you hold a finely-crafted piece of metal.

    I've been shaving for over a half-century. I learned on Gillette Super-Speeds, Schick Injectors, and Gem single-edges. I've played with virtually every bonded-blade, blade cartridge, and disposable, and I've revisited prime-quality double-edge razors. In my experience, nothing gives me as predictable, as safe, or as good a shave as a Bic Sensitive disposable.

    For me, if the decision on what to use to shave is made purely on cold and logical grounds, there is no justification to shave with anything other than Bic Sensitives. Using a beautifully made double-edge razor or a straight razor may satisfy the aesthete in you and make the shave experience emotionally satisfying, but on my face, I prefer the Bic.

    Bic Regular disposables (white handle) and Bic Metal disposables (black handle) don't work for me; they leave me bloody.
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    I agree with your review. The only problem I have with them is they are so non-aggressive, it takes me about 12 passes to get a close shave. But, there is no irritation after the shave.

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    If I use a disposable these are my choice over them all!

    Was using the BIC Metal but I can't find them in stores any longer. Gave these ones a try and happy I did.

    PRICE: I can get 10/12 packs in some stores that average 20 cents each or less.

    QUALITY: Handle is sturdy for a disposable and I get at least 3+ shaves per razor.

    USER FRIENDLY: These razors are great when I shave ATG in a upward motion.

    GRIP: Easy to hold and use for WTG and ATG movements.


    AGGRESSIVENESS: Very forgiving blade. I find myself shaving to fast sometimes when using them. Not a good thing!


    BALANCE: As mentioned, very easy to use with downward and upward motions.

    When using these razors along with EVOO and Shave Soap I get some of the best BBS shaves ever. Don't get me wrong, I love a DE razor but I'm not a shaving snob. These things work and are part of my rotation along with my Gillette's etc.


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    I can get a fairly close shave with one, but it takes me about 6 razors to get there. The blades literally begin to dull halfway through a pass- not good.

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    You can definitely wack away with one of these, and it is hard to cut yourself. I agree that it can be hard to get real close with this, at least for me. However, it's got a lot to recommend it, and the BIC is certainly better than a bad DE razor and blade.
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    Good razor! Made by BIC since 1975.
    It was one of my first disposable razor. Very easy to use and it costs nearly nothing! Very light razor and if you are in a hurry, this one is for you.
    I can get a close shave with one for 5 or 6 times.

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    I approached this review with a bit of trepidation, having recalled a disastrous shave with a Bic (regular) disposable in the early 80's that left my face a bloody mess.

    PRICE: About the same as a decent DE blade.

    QUALITY: Lasts 4+ shaves without a problem. About a week for me.

    USER FRIENDLY: Very easy to get a quality shave. Highly recommended for newbies.

    GRIP: No problems. Easy to maneuver.


    AGGRESSIVENESS: Perfect for my face. I wouldn't want it any more or less aggressive.


    BALANCE: Very lightweight, but handles well.

    No blood this time. In fact, some of the best shaves I have experienced in my 20 + years shaving (using cartridge razors, DE's, Injectors) What has impressed me the most about this razor is it's consistency. Easily achieved BBS shaves without ANY trace of irritation / redness on my neck. None. WTG, XTG, worries here.

    I tried this razor with both old school creams (Taylor, Trumpers) and some of the newer brushless creams (Cremo, Jack Black, Trader Joe's) For me, the brushless creams seemed to work a bit better with this razor. The Trader Joe's, in particular, matched up quite well.

    I have also found that my total start to finish shave time with this razor is about 1/2 that of my usual DE routine (especially if using the brushless creams) More time to enjoy that cappuccino in the morning!

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    Jarmo P


    I just had my first shave from these. Bought them out of curiosity.
    The shave was good, but a little too close on my lip corners, since I can certainly feel some tingling. It is just a technique thing to change in the future. Otherwise it was a close irritationless shave.

    Bics are non pivotable so you can use light pressure same as with DE. Same as DE also a 3 pass shave, WTG, XTG and ATG is needed to get a BBS shave. Someone new to DE shaving could consider these disposables before acquiring some costly DE and then not liking the shave style. Since I have learned my pass directions and technique, I have no idea if these are a more gentler introduction for a newbie to one blade shaving than DEs.

    Bic Sensitives are not really milder than Merkur 34 or Gillette Superspeed unlike someone told above. The guard stretches longer than those DEs, so I suppose one could press a tiny bit more with Bics and not to get cut, but I recommend minimal pressure. These are quite effective shavers.

    If this thread allows editing I might add in the future a comment about blade longevity or not, depends on my mood.

    The only real bad thing about these disposables is the waste of plastic. 10 pack is cheap. Here in Finland it was 2.29, so 23 cents for one piece. I can currently imagine them lasting 3 shaves, perhaps 4. So the pack you bought will be gone to waste for a little over a month and the oil wasted needed to made them does not sound so environmental. Compared to something like Red pack Personnas.

    Would be great travel substitute for DE shaving.
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    Default Wow, what a crappy razor

    I tried shaving with one of these again today. I got about halfway through a first pass when it started dulling.

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    I always keep one in the office in case I have to stay overnight. One of the best value for money disposable available.

    It is very sharp and do not try to apply more pressure to make up for its lack of aggressiveness. I learnt it the hard way and the razor incises a few bumps on my face.
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    I got a 10 pack of these at walmart for $2
    that is 20c each, cheaper than just a single DE blade.
    I was surprised how gentle they are and dont cause any irritation for me.
    I get a few shaves out of them but to be honest for the price i dont even mind using them once.
    Being light, one has to be careful not push them hard.
    I have a few in my travel pack now.
    I would recommend them for someone wanting to get the "feel" DE wet shaving without any real money investment.

    PRICE: cheaper than a DE blade.
    QUALITY:they are light and plastic
    USER FRIENDLY: easy to use, not pivoting,single edge
    GRIP: good
    AGGRESSIVENESS:very gentle for me.
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    I have always liked these razors since their introduction and I would probably use them except that they are NOT recyclable. If you put these in the recycling bin they are sorted out and put in a landfill.

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    Jarmo P


    Quote Originally Posted by Jarmo P View Post
    If this thread allows editing I might add in the future a comment about blade longevity or not, depends on my mood.
    Too bad that the review thread does not allow later editing of one's review, so I had to put the razor blade lasting comment as a new posting.

    I had just my 8th shave with the mentioned disposable, been shaving with it in weeks 13,14,15 and 16. No irritation still and a great shave. So a long lasting razor and my beard is I think of medium thickness.

    I would have liked to edit my previous review also in that Bic Sensitive is milder than HD and 50's flare tip SuperSpeed, but the blade seems quite sharp. Judging of the effectiveness of the 3 pass shave and when the stubble grows back, it seems sharper than with Derby and Red packs, though less sharp than from a Feather blade shave.

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    Default Disposables are NOT supposed to be this good!

    After shaving with my Cobra Classic for the past month or so, I was simply not prepared for any razor - let alone a disposable, by Bic no less - to be worth the time of day. However I saw these at Walgreens for $3.69 for 12, so what the heck. Even if they are awful I'm not out much.

    They are light and cheap feeling. They are homely. Well, OK. They are ugly. They are utterly non-aggressive. I don't think you can do any damage with these guys. But wow! No, the shave was not a Cobra Classic shave. But it was a really good, comfortable and smooth shave and these razors will ALWAYS have a place in my dopp kit or as backups. The key is no pressure. You can feel the razor cut, and you don't need any pressure. You do have to go over the same spot several times, but even so there is no irritation. I even went ATG on my upper lip with no problems! I am not quite as glass smooth as I am after a CC shave, but it's as good as a Tech shave. And they are cheap, cheap cheap!
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    Just picked up a 10-pack today for my 15 year old who announced this week (via text message of course) that he is ready to shave with a blade instead of the electric. Now to decide what can of foam I still have around to foist on him.

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    I started many moon ago with a Bic single blade (it is the only disposable I would use if forced to give up my safety razor). I tried to buy the even less expensive store brand single but quickly found out just how sharp the Bics actually were compared to these other menacing razors.
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    Thumbs down Awful

    Picked these up at Family Dollar for a couple of dollars for 10. Figured I'd use them in a pinch when I was in a hurry. Tried them once -- awful, just awful. Seemed really dull and despite what seemed like endless blade buffing, I just couldn't seem to cut through my beard. Maybe I got a bad unit or batch, but I will not be revisiting these razors.
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    These little razors absolutely rock. I can get a great two-pass shave with no irritation. Much easier to maintain proper angle than any DE I have tried.

    If they weren't so light and cheap-looking, I'd be tempted to go to using these exclusively.

    Somebody needs to make a new single-edge quality razor that takes Pella blades or something but that has the head design of these great little razors.

    Perfect for travel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingfisher View Post
    ...If they weren't so light and cheap-looking, I'd be tempted to go to using these exclusively...
    Believe me I was tempted to do the same.

    They are that good.

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    I wouldn't ever have considered trying these if I hadn't read some of the reviews on B&B.

    Um, yeah, they're surprisingly excellent. They don't go very far for me - two shaves is the limit, but two very good quality shaves.

    They've made the overnight bag.

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