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Thread: Badger & Blade Custom Forum Scented Shave Stick and Cologne!

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    Default Badger & Blade Custom Forum Scented Shave Stick and Cologne!

    Well it is not longer just text gentlemen.... check out the picture! The current label is "SMF" however those are just the "demo's" and the full fledged version will be labeled as badger and blade!!

    Time to get mighty excited fellas - as Charles intends on having this sucker sent out to me Monday - so hopefully it will arive mid-week or so! Once it gets final approval - the ETA is somewhere around a week to two - then it is ready for your hot little hands!! Charles has said some incredibly wonderful things about this scent he and I drafted up - and has been receiving many compliments on the final version. Can't wait to try this sucker out!!!

    It will start off as being a combination - Shavestick with a 5ml atomizer of cologne, then soon thereafter offer the forum scent in full size bottles! Cool cool eh?
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