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Thread: WTB: Shave Brush other than Tweezerman

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    Default WTB: Shave Brush other than Tweezerman

    I have actively begun my quest to start my shave den. As of right now I plan on buying the Tweezerman badger shave brush from online.

    What I am wondering is if any of you fine B and B'ers have a badger brush that you would be willing to part with for a better price than the Tweezerman.


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    to the top!

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    Exclamation RE: your post

    ive got a tweezerman..$14..cant beat the badger quality! happy with it ;-)

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    The Tweezerman is the cheapest badger brush you can buy. For being that cheap, it's also pretty good. I'd buy it, you won't be disappointed.

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    bump just to see

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