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    This has a very nice scent to it. I wouldn't say it smells like a old barber shop. It is more of a English style kinds of woody. The smell of this product does seem to last a good 4-6 hours but tends to fade after the 5th hour. If at work after 4 hours I would maybe add a another spray or two to last the who day. But for 19.50 you can't beat it, seeing a really good English cologne would cost you two to three time as much and I honestly feel this is just as good as the English style colognes. Over all you cannot go wrong with this product and for the cost I will be picking up the others in this line but this to me seems to be the best smelling.

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    I purchased this and Elixir Blue last month and I am very pleased with both frags. Elixir Black is a well made scent and is similar to Elixir Blue, with a little more spice to make it a little heavier, and more of a Fall fragrance.
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    A fantastic Value, cant say it enough this smells as good as many scents 3-4 times its price. Has decent staying power and is easy on the nose.

    At $20 retail GO BUY IT!

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    Elixir Black is a real value. It's a great scent for a great price, but dosen't smell dime-store or like a drug store/barber shop fragrance. THe whole line of these is quite good, but this one seems like the more sophisticated older brother of the others. Slightly more exotic but not in a pretentious way. Very nice. Readily available too.

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    Everyone's right, at $20 this is just a steal. The smell is very masculine and kind of gives off a dark, mysterious vibe. Although the smell doesn't last long (after about 4 hours not much smell) it is nice!

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    I love it! Not dirt cheap, attractively priced and smells really gooooooooood. I use it more than my expensive colognes, not because it's cheap but because I really like the smell and how long it lasts. On me, it will last all day long. Sometimes I think it has faded, but others comment on the fragrance and I know it's just my nose that has become fatigued to the scent.

    Really good stuff........
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    You've got to love a great scent at a great price. Great, spicy winter scent. I have found this scent to be a bit hit or miss though. While myself, and SWMBO love it, a friend of mine described it as bug spray. Something tells me his nose may be a bit off though. I am also a fan of the Elixir Green, although after a year, the stuff that is left has almost no smell to it. I can't believe how quickly the scent faded.
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