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    I've searched and searched. Any reason why I couldn't use this:

    instead of this:


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    I like the rod stock because it's already straight. If you use spooled material you need to straighten it fully before you can use it for pins.

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    Non-ferrous metals become stiff through the process of work hardening.

    The rod is already of the proper stiffness because of being 'drawn' through the sizing die. The coil of wire, on the other hand, will have been drawn as well, but may also have been subject to an annealing process to return it to a more flexible state. That would mean that even though the wire is of the proper size for your project it may be too soft to serve properly. The only way to harden the wire would be to either draw it down further or else hammer it all the way round on an anvil with repeated blows of a smooth hammer. Unfortunately, either process will reduce its diameter.

    I would go with the rod.

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    Thanks for the advice! Rod it is.

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