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Thread: Burger King "Flame" Cologne

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    Default Burger King "Flame" Cologne

    I just received my Flame in the the mail. I am suprised. It doesnt smell like burgers and fries. I cant put my finger on what it smells like other that it reminds me of designer colognes that were popular when I was in high school (early 90's). Anyone else try this stuff? Its actually pretty good.

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    I've received mine as well, and must say I was unpleasantly surprised, insomuch as I expected/hoped it would be truly horrible and meaty.

    Instead, I got a very decent vetiver scent. I expected to to be horrified, and was greatly let down in that respect. It's not half bad! My opinion may change, but my initial feeling is that it's amazingly good (for the price and source). More to come...

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    This gives me hope that there is some sanity in the world. When I heard about that flame-broiled smell, I really had to wonder. Most people want to wash it off after work, not add the smell. Now I'm intrigued . . .

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    I thought this was a hoax. Glad you guys came out OK.

    -- John Gehman

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    Is this stuff for real?

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    it smelled dept. store-y. i only sprayed a bit in the cap.

    ill be selling it soon for a profit. not here though.

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    Default bringing back the dead

    i just put some on a few minutes ago. I found this thread and thought I would add my two cents. I was hoping it smelled like a Whopper , (maybe I could get lucky and get a date for V day ), but was surprised that it smelled good.

    Vetiver notes eh? It smells like a green woodsy, smokey aroma that is lightly related to eucalyptus. Interesting to say the least.

    "[I]I don't give people much credit these days; some would call that cynicism or pessimism. I call it realism[/I]". - Rorschuck

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    I don't eat BK but they definately have some creative mktg ideas. I may pick up a bottle as a collectors item/ conversation piece.

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