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Thread: 1912 Ever-Ready Flip Top Problem?

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    Default 1912 Ever-Ready Flip Top Problem?

    I have an Ever-Ready ptd. 1912 razor. When I put a blade in it the flip top becomes a little loose. Can this be fixed? If so, how? I used it for the first time and it gave me a good shave but I am concerned the blade could move. The flip top fits tight without a blade in the razor.


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    Default 1912 Problem

    The tension plate at the base of the shaving head has lost some springiness.

    I repaired one of mine by removing the rivets that hold the shaver head together and bending the spring plate in order to add tension. I put it all back together with two small brass screws and nuts.

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    so it can be fixed. neat.

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    I will file that fact away for future reference! Thanks for the tip!!!
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