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Thread: 2009 Muhle Pinsel R89 Closed Comb DE

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    Default 2009 Muhle Pinsel R89 Closed Comb DE

    Welcome to my review of the Muhle-Pinsel R89 (2009 Model) Closed-Comb

    I cannot get piccys up so see here:

    I have tried to be as thorough as possible and personally find one paragraph reviews useless - so will not be doing that.

    Whilst looking for a proper razor and after much deliberation and R&D,
    It was between the (2009) R89 closed comb, a Merkur 38c long handle barbers pole or a Edwin Jagger (EJ) with new Muhle Head.

    My reasons for choosing the Muhle over the others are as follows:

    I feel that Merkur have an almost monopoly share of the 'New' DE razor market but after reading many a review the quality by rights should be much better for this size of company.

    The EJ was a little pricy – say if I didn't like it? A potentially expensive mistake.

    I also wanted a metal handle – one that I can drop on my marble bathroom floor without shattering the imitation handle.

    Lastly the Muhle R89 closed-comb has been redesigned for 2009 in conjunction with Edwin Jagger.

    Muhle-Pinsel are a small family run outfit with around 25 staff. Their core products are shaving brushes with maybe 2 or 3 razors in total. Further there is very little consumer marketing evident. The razor can only be purchased direct via their website. I guess the best marketing is by recommendation / word of mouth.

    IMO Its the mass produced burger or the gourmet burger. I went with the gourmet burger. Edwin Jagger also went with the gourmet burger – why they chose not to design an all new head with their previous supplier (Merkur) is not awfully clear.

    The razor was presented in a recyclable cardboard box well wrapped in printed paper tissue.
    The packaging is first rate and I cannot really fault it. I do like the little novelty brush and will be using this when I find the time!
    I also received three sample creams: aloe-vera, sandalwood and sea-buckthorn (same as EJs line-up).
    To me personally packaging is of very little consequence. I would much prefer a great shave with a great razor. Like a real Gold ring in a naff plastic box; one does not buy the ring for the sake of the box (- women excluded!).

    Fit & Finish
    Straight away this razor feels special and feels like a much more expensive item.
    The plating quality is extremely good and I could not find any defects or signs of machining or tooling at all. There are no rough or blemished areas anywhere. In fact it feels and looks like a very well executed item and should take pride of place in my bathroom.

    No faults at all. Blade gap and head geometry are all perfect and I found no need to adjust the blade gaps during or after tightening. I did not over tighten it either. Once tight the blade adjusted perfectly, not wavy or uneven, with no irregularities present at all, perfect exposure both sides. I have included a picture of the blade gap. Quite a lot of blade is in fact exposed but I found the blade angle very mild as opposed to aggressive. The head width is also not as wide as the inserted blade – as the pictures show there is some blade exposure at either end. ( - Mental note: be careful when manoeuvring under my nose!)

    Weight & Balance
    The razor feels light to begin with but once shaving against the face it feels very natural and agile.
    The razor is head heavy – and straight away felt biased towards the head. The handle is very light in comparison, but that's not to say it is feather light either. This I think is 'by design' but also to enable the hand weaving the blade to beware.

    I found the balance to be excellent once it got shaving. It is also highly manoeuvrable and agile. Also more importantly it got right under my nose literally. The shave on the lip area was also very efficient. For size and feel, the handle is not too much or too little, either in size or grip. I have big hands and found it most comfortable.

    The Shave
    Whilst awaiting delivery from Germany I deliberately let my stubble grow, so started with 4 days worth of stubble. I would say I have thick stubble and sensitive skin.

    This razor is a three piece design, with which I had absolutely no problems - as a grown adult if you are going to handle a naked blade exercise due care.

    I decide to load up a Gillette swede but also had Merkur, Astra, Derby or UK Wilkinsons to choose from. Decided on the swedes as I find them very smooth and irritation free but also just sharp enough.

    After loading a new Gillette swede, I thoroughly washed my face with a suitable face wash. During this time left my brush (Progress-Vulfix Burlington) to soak in my bowl of hot water. Left my face wet and started with a 2 cm strip of Proraso green and a good twist of GFT Coconut cream, then one squirt of One Planet shave oil. I am afraid this is 'the shave-den' thus far.

    I Beat these components into a lovely meringue and applied to my face with circular strokes and then brush finished with up and down strokes.

    The shave quality was absolutely spot on. I went WTG, XTG, ATG and finally a touch up. During each stage applying a little water and further lather. Also I did apply uneccessary pressure at times.

    I did not feel the blade at all just a very smooth gliding sensation. At no point did it feel uncomfortable whether up down or sideways. When going across the grain there was very little to reduce, virtually the same story going up. The blade skipped once on the underside of my jawline - where I have some wild directional growth, but noting a little practice cannot cure. Post shave I rinsed with cold water and applied alum there was the usual stinging as my pores closed but not painfully so. So I now know that the razor is not aggressive as I suffered NO razor burn.

    I believe 'burn' to occur when you over-shave (too many passes) or use too aggressive an angle and/or too much pressure, as well as using a blunt blade. I observed the right angle and applied some pressure, but due to the weight balance of the razor, I let the head do its thing.

    All areas of my face are now BBS especially under the neck and behind the chin and my upper and lower lip area along with my jawline. Areas that have often and previously proved difficult. I have no cuts, nicks or weepers anywhere, so can also say that it is fairly forgiving. I am ecstatic with the BBS under my chin and neck area for the first time in my life. I put this down to the small width of the head, the blade angle and overall agility.

    I have only used a plastic wilkie DE and my new R89, so cannot say for sure whether the razor is designed to be aggressive (unlike its open-comb brethren). I did not find it aggressive at all – it is however very efficient and very user friendly.
    Adjustability - what adjustability? Just not applicable. But will not deduct marks as not fair.

    I am a relative newbie to DE shaving ,but have been shaving for 23 years with lesser quality implements. I started DE shaving about 3 weeks ago I started with a Wilkinson plastic DE and was achieving a 6-7 pass + touch up BBS shave. With the new R89 this is now 3 passes + touch up to BBS. With practice however I think I could achieve a 2 pass + touch up.

    My Conclusion:

    I decided to go 'against the grain' (- pun intended) and did not buy a Merkur HD – a recommended newbie staple.

    I personally wouldn't mind if the R89 were more aggressive but YMMV as with all things. This razor would make great tool for the old experienced shavers as well as those just starting out.

    Overall I am delighted - I have found the '2009 - Muhle-Pinsel R89 CLOSED COMB' a very well made and well finished item that produces a shave of excellent quality. Truly the sum of its parts. Well done Muhle and thank you Christian – I know you will be reading this.

    I hope more of you guys give this razor a whirl – I doubt that any of you will be disappointed.
    Go and get one NOW, whether you are a newbie or not! That is my 'word of mouth.'

    Truly excellent!

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    My review is just about spot on with the OP's review. I finally had the opportunity to use my newly purchased Muhle R89 this morning and would like to share my thoughts..

    Price: I paid $41 out the door. I would have to say the price was well worth it.

    Quality: You will know what your paying for when you get this razor. Fit and finish is of the highest standard. The machining of the head reveals no flaws. Blade sets in perfectly even. This razor has the beautiful look of craftsmanship.

    User Friendly: No hang ups here. Can be used by the novice as well as the veteran DE wet shaver. Very well balanced feel and easy to maneuver around your face.

    Grip: The grip is excellent. Weight and balance is excellent. The perfectly cut pattern provides a non slip surface and looks beautiful. The handle is wide and I'm not sure if this would be and issue to some but I found it to be a non issue.

    Ease of Blade Replacement: No issues here. Very straight forward.

    Aggressiveness: I would have to say this razor is a tad more aggressive than my previous razor the Merkur 33C but no where near the aggressiveness of the redwood tree chopping Parker 91R I use to use. Once you get the correct angle down the R89 will give you a irritation/nick free BBS shave especially when using a quality razor like a feather or derby.

    Adjustability: I have not played around with adjusting the blade angle but I would figure not to expect too much. It's not like your dealing with a Merkur Futur or a Vision.

    Balance: The weight of the handle is light and the over all balance is near perfect with a little more weight on the head.

    I hope you like my first review. Take it from me. You can't go wrong with this DE razor. It's worth every penny!
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    Thumbs up Wow

    Most is covered by the previous authors but I would like to add/repeat a few things.

    At first the price/quality ratio is near perfect. The only reason I didn't mark 10's is that I might ever find a better product so I leave a little room to be able to go up.
    For only a few extra bucks this razor has a fit and finish that is flawless; perfect blade allignment, absolutely perfect plating and no markings that shouldn't be there. In several posts I have been reading that it gives the same quality feel as the Merkurs but I found that to be very untrue; this Mühle makes my Merkurs look like a factory's 2nd or 3rd choice.

    First thing you notice when you pick it up is that it is much lighter than you would expect due to the hollow handle (which you can't see btw); it has about the same weight as the Merkur 33C (classic) but the distribution is different. The new Mühle head is constructed heavier, while the handle seems a bit lighter so weight is mostly at the head.
    I like that very much in a razor but it is a typical case of YMMV. For me at least balance is very good and makes the Mühle very easy to control.

    Grip is as good as it gets; I usually like the slimmer handles but this handle is working great for me and I don't have any razor that I can wield with this much grip and precision. For me definitely a step up from the "old" R89.

    The shave itself is working out great too; much milder than the old R89 but not too tame either. And certainly more aggressive than my Merkur 33C but in no way difficult to master and able to get a very close shave in three passes (hardly touch-ups needed).

    All in all this razor is worth the money almost for looks alone; craftmanship is at the highest level and combined with a great shave this razor (as well as the R41 which I couldn't resist either; review will follow later) killed my desire for any more Merkurs.
    When you are looking for a beautifully made, efficient and user friendly razor don't look any further; this one has it all.
    I must to the barber's, monsieur, for methinks I am marvellous hairy about the face

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    It wasn't until I got this (non comb DE)through my door that the Merkur spell was finally broken. The quality of this product is far superior to anything Merkur do. Period. Want an HD? Get one of these. The handle is fatter and as long as that of a Gillette Slim Adjustable and it shaves just as well as anything I've tried. Brilliant.

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    Thumbs up The best razor for me

    Price: I paid 29.90 euros (Mühle website) and I think it is a good price regarding the quality of the product.

    Quality: This razor is very well made and the finishing is better than any of my Merkur razors.

    User Friendly: Everything is fine in this area, nothing special to say.

    Grip: The grip is very good and the handle is longer than the HD, I can control the razor very easily and efficiently, absolutely perfect.

    Ease of Blade Replacement: I would prefer to have a system like the HD but the good thing is that I don't have to check and adjust the blade alignement each time (thing that I have to do with the Merkur, Parker and Weishi razors).

    Aggressiveness: The R89 is as aggressive as the HD, don't see any difference here.

    Balance: a little more weight in the handle could be added but it is not a big issue.

    I use this razor for several months now and it is my daily razor after using the Merkur Progress, 1904, HD, Edwin Jagger Chatsworth, Weishi and Parker. This tool is so perfect that I stopped buying new razors, and I still don't see why I should.

    The built quality is perfect and the shave provided is the best I ever had with a DE razor. I can't find any critics to say except that I would like Mühle to create a new TTO razor.

    Maybe this razor won't work for you as we are all different (different skin, preparation, technique etc...) but I would advise you to try it.

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    Default Great Razor!

    Only one shave but I'm loving it so far. This is my first non adjustable and lighter weight DE - I've always used a Vision or Futur which gave me excellent shaves but this Muhle has a flatter head contour that seems to fit my face much better than the big Merkurs particularly the neck right under the jaw line. Obviously it also makes it easier to work around the nose and detailed beard area which was always a bit of a problem with the Merkurs. I was a little concerned I wouldn't like a lighter razor so this was a very pleasant surprise. As others have said, the quality - fit and finish - is superb on this razor. Bottom line is that if it was just the flatter cheek area, the Merkurs are probably as good but this Muhle really shines as far as maneuverabilty is concerned and it is pretty to look at as well.

    As far as blade changes go, no problem, it maybe takes 30 seconds instead of 10 seconds every 4 days - not a problem when you think of it like that

    As far as ratings go, price and quality are definite 10's. As others have pointed out, the quality is generally superior to Merkurs. The finish is impeccable.

    User friendly it is simply a great handling razor and yes it is a 3 piece but I wouldn't downgrade it for that so blade replacement is as easy as I would expect a 3 piece to be.

    Grip is excellent, well carved pattern with a good feel. I would have liked it just a 1/4 inch or so longer though

    I never know what to say for Agressiveness - it is just right for me, so I gave it a 10. It seems about like my Futur on a 2 or 2 1/2 but not a 3.

    The balance is much better than anticipated, I always thought I would only like heavy razors but this one has me converted due to its great maneuverability.

    For now, this is my go to razor - however I'm basing this on one shave - used a new Feather, CF Lime cream, Musgo Real A/S - Three passes WTG/AGT/XTG (jaw line only) and a bit of blade buffing gave me a great shave.

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    This is my favorite razor to date (Compared to Merkur 34c, Mühle R41 (2009 version) & Gillette NEW). Rather than hit the points on this razor in review order, I'll hit them in the order that I felt were most impactful for me.

    Balance This razor is light, and the handle is very light. It's head heavy, and when you first pick it up, the balance doesn't feel right. When you shave with it, you find a quick, agile, easy to maneuver razor. I can cut my shave time in half with this razor without much loss in shave quality. While it may feel odd at first in your hand, once you shave with it, it feels just right.

    Quality Despite its light feel, this is a quality razor through and through. Plating is smooth and clear. Workmanship is precise. Engineering is superb. It's been said that Mühle makes Merkur razors look like factory seconds. I would have to agree.

    Aggressiveness IMO, aggressiveness is a very subjective rating and there are many ways to look at it. Yes, you can measure blade gaps and blade protrusion, and I don't have measurements for this. Subjectively, if you think of aggressiveness as how close a shave do I get, this razor's a 10. I consistently get equally close shaves with this razor and the 34c. The difference is in irritation. If you judge aggressiveness by how carefully you need to shave or how prone a razor is to irritation and nicks, this razor's quiet as a kitten. I have to get pretty sloppy and/or force aggression (e.g. put undue pressure on the razor) before this thing nicks me. I don't know how they did it, but after many shaves with this razor, this is consistently my experience. My 34c is more prone to nicks and weepers and doesn't shave me any closer.

    Grip The grip's a little slick in my opinion but generally doesn't create a problem because the razor is so light. I've only dropped this razor once, and my hands were pretty soapy and slick at the time. In terms of grip, I like the Merkurs a tad better, but IMO, that's their only advantage.

    Price IMO, this razor is priced very well for the quality you receive. I rate it an 8 because if you're on a budget, you can get cheaper buying a vintage Gillette, but you can also spend much more on a pristine vintage or a custom razor.

    User Friendly/Blade Replacement I covered one aspect of User Friendly under Aggressiveness in that it's difficult to generate irritation and nicks from this razor. The other aspect of User Friendly for me goes hand in hand with Blade Replacement. It is a three piece razor, so it takes a little hand-eye coordination, but IMO, if you can negotiate taking the wrapper off a naked blade, you can handle putting it in a three piece razor and screwing on the handle. What would be easier? I would imagine a TTO although I've never actually used one, but this is by no means difficult.

    Bottom line, this is a well priced, high quality razor that easily delivers excellent results. The only two aspects I can imagine that anyone would not like about this razor (and they're strictly personal opinion) are:
    1. Weight - If you just plain like a heavy razor, you might not like this one as it is so light. But then again, you might surprise yourself with how much you prefer it.
    2. Comb - It's a closed comb. If you're a diehard open comb fan, sorry. However, I get better shaves with this razor than I did with a NEW and Mühle's R41, both of which are open combs.
    ~ Mike ~

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    Default great razor, but the head is identical to my 38c

    I have a 38c, which shaves me great !!!!, the head on the Muhle R89 is based on a side by side comparison identical to my 38c, I don't notice that the finish of the merkur is better or worse than the R89, as again to my near perfect eyesight and feel it looks and feels exactly the same.

    I have ordered a custom bull mastif XL handle from Bob, to avoid any sense of having doubled up in buying the R89, over my existing 38c.
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    I have been shaving for a few days with an R89 after using a Merkur Progress exclusively for over a month. This was my first shave with a fixed head razor and I was a little apprehensive at first, specially after reading about the aggressiveness of this razor. I was very pleasantly surprised to experience the smoothness, balance and speed of the R89. As for the aggressiveness, I had no irritation whatsoever.

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    Default I May Have Found The Perfect DE Razor

    Price: I gave the price a perfect 10, the razor is absolutely worth every penny. I picked mine up at a very reasonable price from West Coast Shaving.

    Quality: At first, I would have rated this razor a 5 for quality, however I decided to give it a 10 based on experience I'll note at the end of my review.

    User Friendly: Again, a perfect 10. This is a very useable, friendly razor. I couldn't think of a single thing to make it any easier to use than what it already is.

    Grip: Again, a perfect 10. The grip is cut in a wavy pattern that gives a firm purchase, even when wet and soapy. The grip pattern is not so aggressive as to be harsh on soft hands, and allows the razor to "turn" some in the grip to better keep aligned as the shaving surface changes. This is especially important to me when shaving legs, to help keep an even pressure across the length of the blade on the skin.

    Ease of Blade Replacement: Here I have to downgrade it to an 7. It's easy to replace, but not the "easiest" in terms of blade replacement. You do have to be careful when disassembling the 3 pieces to change blades, so you don't accidently slip and cut yourself. It's also important not to snug the handle too much, or it can make disassembling the razor to replace the blade a little more difficult.

    Aggressiveness:I give a perfect 10 to this razor. It's not excessively mild, but it's certainly no chainsaw on steroids either. It gives a baby's-bottom smooth shave with very little effort. Of course, what blade one loads in the razor plays an important role in this regard as well.

    Adjustability: I give adjustability a 5. No, this is not an adjustable razor per se, however the instructions say if you want a slightly more aggressive blade angle for problem areas, you can slightly loosen the handle, which flatten the blade some, giving more blade exposure and widening the blade gap. Not a perfect solution, but it works decent enough for those temporary needs. Just don't forget to retighten the handle when you are done needing the extra aggressiveness.

    Balance: A perfect 10 again. The handle is hollow, making the razor slightly head heavy, which in my opinion helps the razor acheive a fabulous shave with very little learning curve. Just let the weight of the head do the work, and you're bound to get a great shave. Though the handle is hollow, it still has some heft to it, and does not at all feel cheap. If anything this razor oozes quality.

    Notes: My first impressions of this razor were less then good. The first of these razors I ordered was somewhat "defective". The finish had a scratch on the underside of the top peice that did nothing to help my impression of what a fine razor touted for it's pefection in finish should be. Secondly, the razor handle had something inside of it that rattles around when you flip it upside down and right-side-up, which give a feeling of cheapness, and also when you change the razor angle, you feel that little click or plop, making you wonder if the head has twisted loose and is rattling.

    I was considering returning this razor to the place of purchase for exchange, however I decided not to contact the store, as the website showed they were currently out of stock. It was not the store's fault that the razor had these two issues anyways, and so I figured if I could resolve my complaints with this razor directly with the manufacturer, it would be all for the better, and save the store the hassle of the return/exchange.

    After contacting the folks at Mühle, the following day I recieved a response from Christian Müller, apologizing for my dissatisfaction with the razor, and explaining that my problems were not at all acceptable, and that my razor should never have made it past quality inspection. He offered to send to a new razor to replace my "defective" one, to which I gladly accepted. I was also instructed to not worry about returning my razor to them.

    After receiving my replacement Mühle R89 razor in the mail, which was sent to me direct from Germany via air priority, I can without a doubt say that not only is the razor an outstanding work of art, flawless finish, heirloom quality without a doubt, and absolutly a precision tool of impressive fit, finish, functionality, and design. It has not only met my expectations, but exceeded them.

    Also the fact that how Mr. Müller chose to do business with me is exceeding impressive, and dare I say rare in this day and age, has left me with an overall outstanding impression of not only the quality of the product, but the quality of the company itself and those who run it. This experience with customer service has left me more than satisfied, and I would not hesitate to recommend Mühle products to anyone, knowing that if there ever is a problem, that Mühle will absolutely stand behind it's products and give some of the classiest customer support imaginable.

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    Default Best safety razor to date:

    This is the best looking and best performing safety razor I have used to date. The quality IMO is much better then Merkur which actually surprised me. I am so pleased with this razor that it is possible that my AD is cured? A comment on the looking one I've seen. My str8 razors have been neglected since buying this razor.

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    Default Top Of It's Class!!

    In my wet shaving career, I have shaved with no fewer than 25-30 different DE razors, and this razor is pretty much the top specimen out of all of those.

    If you could have but one razor this razor (or the very similiar Edwin Jagger DE89) would be the razor to buy.

    The finish, balance, and level of aggressiveness are perfect.

    I don't know if it has been mentioned in other reviews, but the amount of blade that sticks out past the endcaps of this razor is far less than on a typical Superspeed for example. This is a plus, if you get sloppy, and have the misfortune of jamming this section of the blade into the side of your nose; the resulting cut will bleed like crazy!!
    ~~JOHN~~*Founding member of ALPHA Team*

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    Default Awesome

    Forget the Merkurs, they have waaaaay too many QC issues and are poorly constructed considering the price. Side by side with a cheap Parker, Merkurs are no different.

    This razor is perfect! Great fit and finish, blade exposure is just right, and great balance.

    If you like a "top heavy" razor then this one is for you. I'd recommend this razor to experienced quality minded shavers and newbies.

    In my opinion this is a step above the merkurs.

    The only issue for a newbie might be blade replacement. You can either get used to it (and believe me, you will) or get a TTO if you are too scared.

    I will never EVER buy a merkur as long as Muhle razors are available.

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    As a first razor I wanted to try something different than the very popular Merkur 34C, so I started with the R89.
    I first hesitated with he EJ 89, but finally decided to take the R89, simply preferred the design even if it is a little more expensive.
    The quality is great, even if you have to deal with the after sale, they are really nice to deal with (The plating was a little uneven on the side of the closed comb part, it was barely visible, but Mühle simply shipped a replacement part).
    So regarding the use, the grip is good, the razor is a little head heavy, which is nice by letting the weight of the head do the job.
    I think it is not too mild nor too aggressive, I think that's why it's so appreciated, and after getting a little experience, you can really get great shaves in no time.

    Overall, a great razor, a nice looking piece and it can be the only razor you'll ever need...
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    I think I can only echo what the OP has already said. This an excellent razor for a learner and an experienced DE shaver alike. In fact this is an excellent razor full stop.
    I have far too much stuff to even begin to list it here...

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    Default Very nice.... but slippery

    I bought this razor after hearing many good things about the new Muhle/EJ head.

    My go to razor is a Merkur HD - this feels much lighter in comparison and no where near as solid. However, the fit and finish are awesome, very well made with no plating issues at all. It also looks very nice indeed.

    On to the shave. I put this a notch or two lower in aggressiveness than the HD. If I had a few days' growth, I'd probably use the HD, but for day to day this is a very smooth and comfortable shaver.

    It's more aggressive than a Superspeed. These I find way too mild for me.

    My main niggle is the balance and grip. I bought the one with the knurled handle and I find that even with the knurling, it's not deep enough to provide a secure grip. That coupled with the head-heavy design and it always feels like it about to slip out of my hand. It never has, but it's an annoying feeling!

    The HD feels dead solid and the knurling is heavier providing a more secure feeling in the hand.

    A nice razor, particularly if you want something milder than an HD yet more aggressive than a Superspeed.


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    I have been wanting one of these after reading about them on the forums. I got the impression they rode the fine line between aggressive and user friendly. And the comments on workmanship hooked me in. I'm a sucker for finely made hardware.

    Point by point then;

    Price - I paid $45. That's more than fair for a piece which looks to have some hand finish work, has to be shipped to the US and shows the fit and finish this one does.

    Quality - superb. If you are familiar with three piece razors, just disassembling and reassembling this one is a pleasure. The threads are silky smooth, everything locks up tightly and with precision. Blade centering with my Feathers required no mucking around.

    User friendly - it's a 3 piece. Don't expect wussy butterfly doors. But changing blades in a three piece is simple enough for any adult competent to wipe drool from his face.

    Grip - knocked it here. The knurling on the handle is more decorative than anything else. It's not sharp or deep enough to do much good. Fortunately the handle is large enough in diameter to give a good grip. But if you expect a nice grippy knurled texture, you won't find it here. I suspect the highly polished chrome makes things worse than they would otherwise be, too.

    Ease of blade replacement - has already been covered above.

    Aggressiveness - considerably more aggressive than a Tech. Less than a Red Tip. More than a Merkur 34c. More than a 40s Superspeed, but not much more. Maybe a little too aggressive for me. But I need to adjust to the razor a bit before I make a final judgment on how much I like the aggression level.

    Not adjustable so NA there.

    Balance - somewhat head heavy. You can truly let the weight of the razor do the work since you can feel the weight of the head. I have read that the handle is hollow which would make sense and help the weight distribution. If the handle were NOT hollow this thing might be unwieldy and hard to use.

    Over all a very good experience. My first shave was a little rough but I'm willing to work with it a bit. I would recommend this razor to anyone, from a new shaver to an old hand. And did I mention it's pretty?
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    I am new to Double Edge shaving.

    I read the reviews on the Muhle R89, along with the reviews of number of other razors.

    I like quality and usually when I buy something, I would tend to buy very high quality products as I know, from experience, cheap and nasty is never a bargain.

    As a result of the glowing reviews of the Muhle R 89, in reference to it's performance and craftsmanship in build, I bought one.

    I've used it for a month or so. I'm pleased with this shaving instrument. It is everything others have said it was.

    I've tried a number of blades. The ones that work best for me, with the R 89 are the Feather, Gillette Green Box and Wilkinson Swords.

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    I received this razor as a gift about a year ago. At first I didn't pay it much attention, as I was in the middle of a number of ADs. After trying many different combinations of razors, blades, soaps, creams and such, I have really come to like the Muhle R89. I have used the following with some regularity: Merkur 34C, Merkur 39C, Feather SS (only used for a week while on loan), '66 Super Speed, '55 Tech, '63 Slim, Weishi, Gem Micromatic, various Schicks, and numerous straights. The Muhle R89 is my best performer. Hands down. For me it is just right in terms of the quality of shave I get. Not too aggressive, not too mild, but just right. I can use just about any blade and get good results. Some razors can only handle a small variety of blades, but the Muhle takes them all.

    Price: Mine was free, but otherwise it is a bit steep, but all things considered, worth the money.

    Quality: Maybe not a Feather SS or a Pils, but still of very high quality.

    User Friendly: Put in blade, hold handle, move across face...DFS or BBS every time.

    Grip: I don't really like the grip, but it works fine.

    Ease of Blade Replacement: Not a huge fan of the 3 piece, but I have never had problems.

    Aggressiveness: Perfect. From Derbys to Feathers. From Merkurs to Wilkinsons. From Sharks to Bolzanos and everything else I have tried, every blade has worked well. That is the truth. Never a bad shave with the Muhle.

    Balance: I have no complaints.

    The Muhle R89 is not the most exciting razor. It does not have a cool TTO or adjustable feature. It is not a slant or an injector or even a straight. I have tried a fair amount of different set ups, and the Muhle gives the best shave every darn time. Maybe that is why I do not give it a 10 for everything. It can actually be kind of boring, but it really does work well. Try other razors. It really is a lot of fun seeing what is out there. Just make sure to get a Muhle R89 to hold onto for when you are done running around. This really is a keeper.
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    The main thing I do not like about the R89 is that it spoiled me in that I do not think I can find a better reasonably priced razor ($64 USD). My curiosity in trying new razors will have to be diverted to other things. But it is worth it. As a patent attorney I have seen numerous feats of engineering, but the simplicity going in and the effectiveness coming out of the R89 design is phenomenal. I have even tried to make it difficult for the R89 -- e.g., shaving without a hot shower; just a quick warm wash of the face; use my lesser favorite creams/soap (e.g., Proraso), although I always use my fave blades (Yellow Gillette, Sharks, Med Prep IP, Red IPs). The result is always a smooth effortless shave, even with 3 days stubble.

    Price - 8 [$61 could be worse]
    Quality - 10
    User Friendly - 10 [So, it's 3 pieces, BFD].
    Grip - 10 [The R89 taught me to appreciate shorter handles; size doesn't matter here either.]
    Ease of blade replacement-9 [OK, it's 3 pieces].
    Agressiveness - I honestly cannot say; Smooth shave w/o even knowing there's a blade in the razor.

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