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Thread: Shaving Supplies in New Zealand

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    Default Shaving Supplies in New Zealand

    Let me share my findings:


    Monsignor's Barber Shop
    Shop 7
    109 Featherston St
    Huge selection of midrange razors, many soaps, creams, brushes etc. Good choice of rare DE blades. All in all very nice place, run by a lady of strong opinions & character. Very expensive, but it is to be expected in this part of the world...


    Smith & Caughey in Queen St in the City:
    Full Tabac Range, including the pretty hard to find jar of soap. They sell the local Goodfella razors as well. Apparently there'll be a sale in two weeks' time.

    Shaver Shop:
    On Pitt St, just before K Rd.
    They seem to have a lot of cheap razors and kind of "beginner's" gear. Interesting shop.

    Please add to this thread, it'd be good to get an overview!

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    Good work mate. Our friends 'across the detch' would appreciate this.
    Australians - visit Great Southern Land @ - Aussie Shave Wiki

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    It would be worth adding that the Goodfellas people do Derby Blades and a few kinds of brush in addition to their DE razor, and seem to sell on TradeMe too (seller name "buygoodfella" - I'm guessing it's the same lot).

    I understand there is a Trumpers dealer here in Christchurch - does anyone know which shop it is? I can't find anything on the Trumpers site.

    Just getting started with DE shaving (hopefully have an old Gillette Tech on the way from TradeMe), so I need to do some scouting around ChCh to look for blades, brushes and soap - I'll post any of my discoveries here. Crabtree & Evelyn and Ballantyne's department store seem like likely suspects.

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    As predicted, Merivale Mall (at the designer end of town) was the jackpot. Crabtree & Evelyn had three kinds of soap (Sandalwood, Nomad and Sienna - I went for Nomad), Edwin Jagger travel brushes and Omega boar brushes.

    The swanky chemist in the mall had the full range of Tabac, some Taylors soap, something-or-other of Westminster soap (plus scuttle), more C&E stuff and some Omega & Vulfix boar brushes (I picked up a Vulfix VS/1).

    Went past somewhere on Victoria Street called Manscape (who I see have a website) that looked like they might stock proper shaving gear, but didn't stop in.

    The one thing notably missing was any safety razors or blades.

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    Blade update - Wilkinson Swords seem to be available here and there (Unichem, New World), but the prices vary dramatically - Unichem in central ChCh was $30 for ten blades!

    Intriguingly, spotted that one of the larger Countdowns here carries "Home Brand Double Edge Razor Blades" - this means they should be in Woolworths, Food Town and Fresh Choice too, as it's all the same parent company.

    They were marked as being made in the USA, and apart from the cardboard backing looked identical to the Walmart Personas. At $5 for a pack of ten and no shipping, I shall definitely give them a punt in the near future.

    Ballantynes have glass cabinets full of wanky Mach-3-on-an-imitation-ivory-stick, stand and brush sets - all behind glass and with nary a label in sight, so I've no idea if it's any good. Still no idea where the apparent Trumpers dealer is!

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