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Thread: Bolzano Superinox Inossidabile

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    Default Bolzano Superinox Inossidabile

    Received this Italian blade as a sampler.

    Loaded on to a slant. Used Em's pre shave oil and super lathered with L'Occitane and Musgo.

    The cutting sound is similar to the Feather. Very smooth and efficient shave. IMO a slight notch below the Gillette yellows but again maybe just as good.

    The famous Italian "Lama Bolzano" has been Italy's best selling razor blade for almost a century. This latest variant of the Bolzano blade uses a very advanced Titanium plating process for superb smoothness and durability. 5-pack.

    A great overall blade that deserves consideration as an everyday blade.
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    These blades are hard to find (also in Italy), but are quite worth the hassle. I agree with others that they are VERY sharp, but I have been unable to have a smooth shave with them.
    I got a very close shave, but also lots of small nicks.

    I like the packaging a lot: nice looking, old-fashioned dispenser, with any blade in its paper inside a micro-envelope. You can easily reuse the external envelope to bring the used blade around.

    In Italy they cost 1,10 € for 5 and 19 € for 100.

    While they are distributed from Italy and everything in the packages is written in Italian, some people on the web say that they are nowadays manufactured in Germany. Nothing explicitly declares the origin in the package I got.
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    Could someone please post a pic of the blade? There are Superinox-blades available widely in Germany, but in a different package and I wonder if they are the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oel View Post
    Could someone please post a pic of the blade? There are Superinox-blades available widely in Germany, but in a different package and I wonder if they are the same.

    I had my first shave with one today, and I can report that these are very decent blades. My control test of a new blade is using one in my HD for a two-pass shave, and the Bolzano performed admirably, delivering a close shave with no nicks, irritation or burn. Too early to make any judgement of longevity, of course, but even if they don't go the distance I would consider these a very good value choice. I'll be interested to read what Squire makes of them.

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    Thank you for the pic. As I said, there are Superinox-blades widely available in Germany, but they look different. I wasn't happy with the shave of these "Superinox platino" (so is the printing on them), but I think they are completely different blades compared to the Superinox Bolzano blades seen above.

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    Yes, they can not be the same also because the Bolzano blades are not covered in platinum (platino) but in titanium.

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    Exclamation From your Q

    funny you used em..just used this AM..tried em as an early shave..1 day ahead of shaving schedule as a test after a shower run...great shave!..where can I get em in bulk?..I wanna get Astro's as well..same as gillette swedes but half the price! ;-)..PM plz.

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    Default Solid performer

    Always interesting to me to see how much variation there is among users for similar products.

    This is a good blade and I can see why it is so popular in Italy. I did get a good shave with this product but did not get the remarkable smoothness that I get with blades like the Israeli Personnas or even some of the Trigs.

    Agree that they are sharper than many, but for me these were just good, not great. Did however get long life from these.

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    I am on my third full shave with one today. I suspect I will get 4 three pass shaves.

    Expensive but I have no weepers or cuts like I experience with Feathers. Another comparible blade is the Japanese blade Kai.

    I will be traveling to Italy this fall and hope to stock up if the price makes sense.

    Great blade overall. I got mine at Shoebox Shaving.


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    Default The Curious case of Mr Bolzano

    I've only used these blades twice so far, but have just ordered another 30 and hope I don't fall out of love with them as quickly. These blades are medium-sharp; certainly not as sharp as Feathers, Yellow 7s or Derbys, but they are sharp enough for it not to be an issue and are definitely sharper than No-Name Israelis, Bics or White Wilkies. Thing is though, they have a texture and smoothness beyond the other 9 brands I've tried and my skin feels actively great after shaving when I use these. It just zings with health and wonderfulness (in a way which is unfortunately not duplicated in the mirror). No idea why, but I like it and will update after a few more weeks' use if anything changes.
    One thing that cannot be ignored is the huge expense of these blades- 4 times the price of Derbys! I rationalised this by telling myself its only 50p per week, but from a purely value for money p.o.v., these are definitely an indulgence.

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    Question Source

    Is there a board member source for these or a USA based vendor? The GBP/$ exchange rate is so brutal at the moment.


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    Quote Originally Posted by siouxsie View Post
    Is there a board member source for these or a USA based vendor? The GBP/$ exchange rate is so brutal at the moment.

    yup. here:
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    Hilarious. That would be $90 for 100. Sells only 5 or ten packs, no quantity discounts. That's helpful.

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    Too bad. Seems like a good blade, but at the price point....
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    You can get these blades at for a reasonable price.

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    Bullgoose is where I got mine, and the service there is top-notch, to boot.

    I just finished my third shave with them, this morning. Usually, I retire a blade after 2 shaves, but given the price of these, I figured that I'd see what 3 shaves would bring.

    It turned out very well. There was a little more resistance on this third shave, but everything got cut very well, and I'm feeling very smooth today. No nicks or cuts or weepers, and all three shaves were using a fat-handled tech and barbasol, two passes each.

    I'm very glad that I bought 100 of these. I can see them as filling in for Astras or Derbys, until I can get more of those. It's a pricey blade, no question, but if I can get three reliable shaves out of them, they're worth keeping around.
    -- Chet

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    Tried Bolzano for the first time today. What a fantastic shave. Smooth and very close with no irritation, cuts, or nicks. So far, I would rate this one as one of the best.
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    Default Better in a more aggressive razor (ymmv).

    When I see a new (for me) DE blade, I buy some. Blade AD, I guess. That was my reason for trying this blade.

    The first one in a Feather All SS was not pleasant. Tugging/pulling (is that the same thing?) was painful. The second and third shaves with the same blade in the same razor were fair to middling. The second through fourth blades in the same razor (2 shaves each) were okay, but I was about ready to go back to Sharks.

    What would a Bolzano do in the Futur, I wondered? DFS x 3.

    So, in this 15 (+/-) shave experiment, the Bolzano did better in an aggressive razor (Futur at 3.5) than it did in a less aggressive razor.

    I would feel more confidence after a 40 blade experiment (20 Sharks/20 Bolzanos) with SWMBO selecting and inserting the blades in one of three razors (Feather/Futur/HD) without me know what blade I was using. Rating on a 1 to 5 scale, two shaves each blade, 80 days later...

    Or, I can go back to Sharks in the Feather.

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    Default Bolzano Superinox Inossidabile

    The glorious "Lama Bolzano" (= Bolzano blade) has been Italy's most popular and most loved DE razor blade for almost a century. It was advertised since the 1940’s, as you can see in this old picture attached, which belongs to a rare barber’s calendar that dates back to 1949. Until the end of the 1970’s the Lama Bolzano was recognised as the “gold standard” for double edge blades in my country and was considered, by Italian Master Barbers and most experienced wet shavers, as the finest Italian blade ever made and as one of the finest in the World. Also, it was possible to find it everywhere. In the last thirty years, however, it gradually disappeared from the Italian market, being no longer manufactured in Italy. The current Bolzano blade is, in fact, produced in Germany. But not in Solinghen as many may think and not by the same company that produces Merkur blades. This Italian gem is made in the former East Germany, using a plant specifically built under Italian directives. Also, over the years, the Bolzano has been subject to many changes and refinements: the current blade, renamed Superinox Inossidabile, is the most technologically advanced, being made of stainless steel (inossidabile = stainless) with an improved Titanium plating process. This guarantees extra sharpness, extra smoothness and extra durability. In my opinion the Bolzano is close to the Feathers in terms of sharpness, it’s close to the Red pack Israeli Personnas in terms of smoothness and it simply has no competition at all in terms of durability. In other words this DE razor blade is truly outstanding, under every aspect. For its illustrious history, for its superior quality and for its trusted performance, the Bolzano Superinox Inossidabile is surely the Italian blade par excellence.
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    Smile The reviews are right!

    The reviews are right!
    Marco is right!

    The saying as printed on the wrapper is right, roughly translating to "A gentle and quick shave".

    The quickness can be attributed to the sharpness of the blade; and the manner that sharpness and gentleness are coupled is a true work of art. I really would have like to try this blade when it was still being Made in Italy!

    I've only used it a few times, so I cannot comment on longevity just yet; but watch for a full review to be posted soon.

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