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    Default Trac II Blades

    Having been using these recently I wanted to comment on them. There's still some guys here that use the older cartridge razors, and this is one of the best multi blades I've ever used.

    To start off, these aren't the Twin II Plus blades with the lubricating strip, these are the non-pivoting, non-lubricating blades made by Personna for Trac II type razors. I'm currently using them in a Bump Fighter razor. I scored both at Wal-Mart for around three dollars and some change each.

    The blades are sharper than what I expected from Personna. I've used their version of Sensor Excel cartridges before and was disappointed. The blades were downright dull compared to Gillette's Sensor blade, and I only got two or three shaves before they went into the trash.

    These seem to be much sharper, and I get at least five good shaves out of them before they begin to dull, on par with the Mach III or Quattro blades that sell for five times the price. The shave itself is very clean and close, but not "strip your epidermis" close. The lack of the goo strip means that these cartridges rinse clean easily- a problem I've had with Trac II blades with a lube strip. I for one have an aversion to pivoting heads, so the Trac II fixed head design calls to me, and these blades do the job well. One pass is all I need out of the Twin II's.

    At 3.29 for a ten pack, it's costing me about six cents a shave for a DFS. That's a good deal anyway you slice it. Paired with a 3.60 Bump Fighter (Trac II) razor, I'm in budget shaving heaven.

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    I also have been using these blades in a very heavy all brass Trac11 type razor with excellent results. I usually do 2 passes WTG/ATG mixed with ATG at the chin area. A ten pack at Walmart is indeed under $4 and I normally get 5 great shaves. Next up is the CVS brand with the lube strip(made by ASRCO) . Better then a Mach 3, Senor and Fusion put together. I also have used the Atra and its not bad at all. The Trac11 handle can be fitted with a set of adapters from Merkur which take the Atra & Sensor cartridges. What a deal

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    I used these blades for years prior to moving to DE shaving. I used a Barbershop Luxury heavy pewter plated Trac II razor for 17 years or so. This razor now has all of the pewter plating rubbed off from use but it is stainless underneath and it is built like a tank.

    These blades also were sold for years as various store brands. I discovered early on that the lubricating strip was not for me so I only bought the non-lubricating ones. Slowly over the years, the only place that I could find these at a decent price was Wal-mart. So I stocked up on them and still have a 5 year supply of these. As you mention these are good blades. I have only used them a few times since I switched to DE, but now that I have learned more about proper wet shaving I might go back and try them once in a while with better prep, shaving soap and aftershave. One thing I remember about these was that I could only get a really close shave if I skipped a day shaving. If I shaved every day I would have significant stubble. Overall one of the main lessons learned with DE shaving is that it is one of the only methods that doesnt really on the lift-and-cut method. All of the multi-blade shaving cartridges utilize lift-and-cut and electric shavers rely this same principle and none of them do as good of a job at cutting the whiskers as DE blades.
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    Good to know. I've got some of these blades but haven't tried them yet. I shave with a DE 90% of the time now, but I keep a Trac II handy if I'm in a big hurry.

    I started with a Trac II when I was 14, (30 short years ago), so they are still second nature. Although I don't play to try..... I think I could shave with a Trac II with my eyes closed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Todd View Post
    Good to know. I've got some of these blades but haven't tried them yet. I shave with a DE 90% of the time now, but I keep a Trac II handy if I'm in a big hurry.

    I started with a Trac II when I was 14, (30 short years ago), so they are still second nature. Although I don't play to try..... I think I could shave with a Trac II with my eyes closed.

    NO BS. I used to shave with a Gillette Good News, in the shower, with no lights. I was working night shifts and my eyes enjoyed every minute of darkness they could get. You'd be amazed at what you can do if you try.
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    I used these blades and the Gillette Trac II blades in my old Trac II for about a year. The Personnas were ok and much cheaper than the Gillettes, but IMHO the Gillettes were significantly sharper and longer lasting. Eventually, I had to drop the everyday use of the Trac II due to the eventual irritation I receive from multi blade devices. I do use the Trac II for travel (about 3 weeks a year or so) and I do opt for the Personnas because they are pretty good and relatively cheap. I have also tried their version of the Sensor and Mach III and I found them very poor performers.

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    I use the Personna Trac IIs fro Wal Mart as well. They seem very sharp for me, give me a really good shave, and last quite a while.

    I'm currently trying to find a good Atra handle, as the Personna Atra blades are the same price (well under $4).

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    thanks tp you guys this morning i shaved with bump fighter persona trac 2 combination and it was great
    i am tired of getting my skin shaved of my face by fusion blades
    this is a grat combo and i am staying with it

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    Go on ebay and get a Gillette Vector. It takes Atra blades but it comes with a Vector blade with a little plastic push lever that clears out the whiskers from in between the blades. It works but a bit gimicky.But most important, it gives an excellent shave!! Close and comfortable!!!

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    Default Work Just Fine

    I picked up a big heavy Old Spice gold plated Trac II handle as a freebie thrown in with an eBay razor and decided to try these cartridges after getting them in a PIF.

    Very smooth and efficient. With a light touch and proper multi-pass technique, I can get at least 7 shaves of 3+ passes each from these (I haven't finished with the first cartridge yet).

    I won't sweat the "flying with a DE razor" issues anymore since I can pack one of these and get easy, reliable shaves for the duration of my trip.


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