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Thread: FS: COL. CONK "double track" razor with blades

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    Default FS: COL. CONK "double track" / Track 2 razor with blades

    Please note I will only sell to buyers in the Continental 48 states of the USA. Payment must be made by Paypal from a bank account balance and you must have a confirmed shipping address.

    I am asking $20 shipped for this razor with 9 blades.

    This is a chrome Col. Conk "double track" or "Track II" style razor. See pics below. It will work with Gillette Track II style blades that are widely available at drugstores and supermarkets or you can order blades from Col. Conk. This razor has only been used once and comes with 9 Col. Conk double track blades.

    Personally, I think this style of razor was the last good razor Gillette made. It offers far more control and comfort than the modern Gillette Mach 3 / Fusion type razor heads. Blades are also much cheaper for a Track II style razor than a Mach 3 or Fusion also.

    I think this is a good razor for someone who wants a higher quality, less irritating shave but doesn't want to use a DE because of the learning curve associated with using a DE. Or someone who needs to shave quickly in the morning and can't do that with a DE without chopping up their face.

    Please PM with interest.
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    PM sent, I'll Take it.

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    Replied to PM, sale pending.

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    This lot is SOLD.

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