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Thread: Mixing glycerin/glycerin soap into a tallow soap?

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    Default Mixing glycerin/glycerin soap into a tallow soap?

    Used Arko for a couple of months now, and the only problem I have with it is that I've found it drying. The scent is just the kind of bracing I like to wake up to in the morning though, so I'd like to see if I can just modify the content.

    Glycerin soaps I've used (Van der Haagen is the only one I remember right now) seem to be pretty moisturizing, and I thought mixing a lightly scented glycerin soap (or soap-base glycerin from Michael's) could help with that. Not sure if mixing a glycerin soap's lather qualities with a tallow soap's lather qualities would work out badly, though.

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    Try it and see for your self. I Melted a little bit of a citrus scented glycerine shave stick and while it was cooling I mixed in some grated tabac. seemed to work fine. Don't know if it was worth the extra effort, but was fun to try none the less.
    Arko is cheap and so is VDH, try to mix a little of each together and see what you think.

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    I've heard of folks doing this with williams - you grate the hard soap and melt the glycerine soap and combine them in the same mug/bowl and mix gently to make sure the hard soap is distributed evenly.

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    I'm actually using a VDH/arko hybrid right fine, but I have the same reaction to the VDH as most seem to have to the Arko. It's really sickeningly sweet.

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    I’ll occasionally dump a teaspoon of straight glycerin on top of my MWF puck and then lather up. It makes nice and creamy lather, though I can’t tell much difference in the shave qualities itself. This lather does not dry out to that “dried cracked paint” that one can get with MWF.

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