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Thread: First straight razor shave

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    Congrats on getting your edge back up to snuff! Glad to hear the overall shave went much better, and closer to expectations.

    Nicked your earlobe huh? Yeah, I've done that, and man other nicks on my face -- cheeks, neck, chin. For me, it's beause I wasn;t paying attention to where a spike point was on the other side of the blade; straights are longer than safety razors for sure! Now, there's this one guy over at SRP that managed to pierce his earlobe when he caught it with a SER tip.

    Good luck with your lesson...

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    Glad you got the edge back. From your description you definitely ruined your edge from stropping the first time. I know some people disagree but IMHO straights do not pull, and they give a closer shave than a DE. So much of the straights ability is tied to technique though. You must use a very steep angle and maintain that angle throughout the shave. This maintenance of angle is one of the hardest parts of shaving with a straight. As well, do not bear down on the skin with the razor, use little pressure - shave, don't scrape. Practice makes perfect.

    I also recommend getting and using a Belgian hone to maintain your edge they're unparalleled. Barber hones are fine and the Norton is good but the Belgian kicks it up a notch. Hope that helps.


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    Believe me when I say Chris (El) knows what it takes to get a sharp razor!


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