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Thread: First time using a micromatic

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    Okay, so I had my first micromatic shave yesterday, and it was alright, but I felt like the blade was snagging a lot. I'm using GEM blue star blades. What other blades out there are made to fit the micromatic?

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    I got mine from Rite-Aid and they were labeled Treet, but I had the same issues you've had, so I can't really recommend them. A lot of people over at SMF recommend the ted pella ptfe-coated GEM blades, but I have yet to try them. I have yet to get a good shave from a GEM or an injector and it's hard to try again when I get such great results with Merkur slant

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    Really, a merkur slant? I heard that's a rather advanced tool, however...

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    Once you can get a good shave with a DE, a slant is really no different. It requires good technique, but not perfect technique. I get no nicks and very good shaves with a Merkur Slant Bar.

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