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Thread: Mastro Livi Historic Thiers Issard Homage

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    I had always wanted a razor that looked like the legendary Thiers Issard, Hammer Forged, Historic razor made by Monsieur Issard himself, however, since I was too late to get one I decided to have Mastro Livi make one for me - and boys, was that a treat!!!

    I scheduled an appointment with Mastro Livi, this past saturday, and he more than gladly showed me around his shop. I was truly happy to finally visit him in his "temple", his workshop near Perugia in Italy.

    After showing me around, Mastro Livi set out deciding what kind of a razor I wanted: simply put I wanted the following:
    Looked "hammered" and forged by hand (brut de forge)
    Its shape resembles the TI I loved so much
    Stailess Steel scales (Damascus)
    Well, these are the pictures...the look is rough, primordial, bare, essential, but being all stainless steel, practically maintenance and rust free.
    It took an entire day to make it, and we also shot a video which Mastro Livi hopes to post soon. I must say that it's a time consuming and labor intensive process, since Mastro Livi virtually makes everything by hand, and if he does not, he still needs to adjust practically everything to the razor being made.

    After finishing it, Mastro Livi and I decided to proceed with a shave...well, what can I say, this scary looking razor delivered a silky smooth shave, exactly what I wanted and nothing less.

    I wish to thank Mastro Livi for the wonderful experience he gave me this past saturday and I look forward to watching the edited video.

    If you guys happen to visit Central Italy, or Perugia in particular, and wish to pay a visit to Mastro Livi, he would be more than glad to show you around his shop and, if you wish, you may also ask Mastro Livi to schedule an appointment to make your very own razor according to your spec. A truly wonderful experience, thanks in no small measure to Mastro Livi endless enthusiasm for his trade, a business which he takes very, very seriously.
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    Pics please

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    I cannot seem to be able to show the pics! I don't know why but it just does not show know what's wrong?

    I have posted them also on, until I resolve this problem...
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    Default Pics

    At last...

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    What a stunning and unusual piece of craftsmanship, I'd love to see the video of him making it will you post up the link when it has been uploaded?

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    I am still waiting for Mastro Livi to give me a copy of the video, I haven't seen it yet either...and yes, the razor is unusual but at the moment it's the only one I am using, it's just too good...


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