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    Default FS: 4 Straight Razors

    Here are four more razors looking for a new home. All are shave ready. I finished on vintage escher, but if the buyer prefers something else I can do that too. And for those who aren't honing yet, I'm certainly happy to rehone the razor in the next few months.

    1) Spike GONE

    • 9/16, wedge, spike point (a tad rounded), jimps on bottom
    • blade is clean - a speckle or two.
    • green transparent scales (lucite?)
    • Union Cutlery, Olean, NY
    • Price $45

    This is a rather fun razor - very light and maneurable, yet stiff edge.

    2) Kropp

    • 6/8, full hollow, round point, jimps on top and bottom
    • some surface pitting
    • black celluloid scales, broken and repaired at butt pin - very stable
    • Sheffield, England
    • Price $45

    Not the best looking razor out there, but it won't break the bank. That's for those who want to try english steel in a larger size.

    3) ERN

    • 5/8, full hollow, spike point, jimps on bottom, no. 2753
    • blade is fairly clean, few stains, etched "Electr. Magn. Gesundheits Stahl // GARANTIE B.&W. T.W. Solingen"
    • black celluloid very flexible scales, warped, closing properly is not an issue
    • Solingen, Germany
    • Price $60

    This is a fairly unusual ERN - small and light, mind the spike though. I have been rather ambivalent about listing this one, but here it is, let's see what happens.

    4) Heljestrand

    • 5/8, full hollow, spike point, jimps on bottom
    • one spot of light pitting
    • genuine ivory scales with quite of patina (many find this quite desirable), crack at butt pin, doesn't go through - and has been very stable.
    • Eskilstuna, Sweden
    • Price $75

    As many of you know these are some of my favorite razors. This one is listed only because it is a duplicate.
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    more pictures - kropp profile, & ERN

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    helje pictures

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    YGPM for the "Spike"

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    The spike is taken - thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gugi View Post
    The spike is taken - thank you.
    My pleasure!

    BTW: The selling point was it's grind... but I wouldn't have known that it was a quarter-hollow, if you hadn't posted the profile photo -- good on ya', mate!

    Hint: If other sellers would take the time to post photos like Ivan's done here, especially the end-on profile view, it would benefit all of us (buyers and sellers, alike).

    Smooth shaving!

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    Another bump. Although at this point I don't think the visibility is the problem.
    I'm sure that if I offer them for free they will be taken in minutes, so I guess the problem is economic. Nevertheless I am pretty certain the razors are worth no less than my asking prices.

    The blades are not matte finished - I use a reflection of matte surface so that the defects are not hidden. They are as shiny as the factory grind allows (as you can see from the few spots where my reflector got in the blade).
    Still I prefer posting good pictures that show every defect to having disappointed buyers :)
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