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Thread: DE Razor "buyers guide" going up tonight....

  1. Default DE Razor "buyers guide" going up tonight....

    I am in the midst of finishing the DE razor buying guide, and should have it up for your viewing pleasure sometime tonight.
    - Joel
    joel (at)

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    For those coming here from Google, this Buyer's Guide was also recently added to the Wiki:


    1. Buyer's Guide for Currently-Manufactured DE (Safety) Razors, Ranked by User-Polled Aggressiveness including details for each razor head on:
      • details of head construction and materials
      • relative price index
      • assembly (TTO, 2-piece, 3-piece)
      • country of origin

    2. Razor Brand/Manufacturer Star-Rating Survey Results
    3. Frequently Asked Questions
      • 3.1 What kind of razors are listed here?
      • 3.2 How do you use a DE razor?
      • 3.3 Won’t I cut myself to shreds with this old-style of razor?
      • 3.4 What safety DE razor should I buy?
      • 3.5 What is razor “aggressiveness”?
      • 3.6 What creates “aggressiveness”?
      • 3.7 What aggression level should I get for my first DE razor?
      • 3.8 Isn't the mildest razor always going to be the best?
      • 3.9 Why not jump right to the most aggressive razor?
      • 3.10 Are the relative aggressiveness rankings scientifically accurate?
      • 3.11 What are the key differences in razor head constructions?
      • 3.12 Should I get a Twist to Open (TTO), 2-piece, or 3-piece razor?
      • 3.13 Limitations of ranking this list included

    4. Companion Polls used towards calculating rankings
      • 4.1 Upcoming polls
      • 4.2 Closed polls

    5. Research links
      • 5.1 Other links

    6. See also

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    Thanks for the 'buyers guide'! It has loads of useful information.

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