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Thread: Atkinson's Lavender Cologne

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    Smile Atkinson's Lavender Cologne

    Hello there. I'm new in B&B and the reason I got in is because I'm looking for English lavender by Atkinson for my father in law.
    Does anyone knows where i can find it and buy it through the internet?
    Hope someboby has the answer. Thanks for your attention: 001_smile

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    Call Chelsea Square in NJ at (973) 746-6468 and they will ship you a bottle.


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    Quote Originally Posted by johnniegold View Post
    Call Chelsea Square in NJ at (973) 746-6468 and they will ship you a bottle.
    Thanks for your tip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alabamalawyer View Post
    Thanks for your tip

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    Question about this cologne....How true is the lavender scent? It seems to very difficult to find a real lavender cologne. I think the GFT is fine but really want something to backup my QED lavender and TOBS cream as well.

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