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Thread: Nivea Extra Soothing Balm/Sensitive skin

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    Thumbs up Nivea Extra Soothing Balm/Sensitive skin

    Nivea For Men After Shave Extra Soothing Balm Sensitive skin formula

    This is a readily available grocery/drugstore product that has a retail price of 6.00 US

    The Balm comes packaged in a very nice milk glass bottle with a screw off top it holds 3.3 ounces (100ml)

    The Nivea website has this to say:

    Extra soothing and protective After Shave care for easily irritated skin. Designed with no alcohol and colorants to prevent the risk of irritations.
    Immediate Relief & Gentle Protection

    Extra gentle, quickly absorbed formula with Chamomile, Vitamin E and Provitamin B5:

    Immediately calms skin and reduces redness.

    Helps to prevent irritations.
    Supports the skinís natural protection system and helps to regenerate.
    Alleviates skin dryness after shaving.
    Result:Skin looks healthy and cared for.
    Skin feels relaxed and smooth even long after application.
    Skin compatibility dermatologically approved on men with sensitive skin.

    The Nivea brand is manufactured by the German firm of Beiersdorf of Hamburg,and as hard as it is to quantify I feel that old world quality shows in this A/S.
    I often come home from sailing or fishing and will use this balm to cool off my face,relive wind and sun burn.

    There are a couple of other formulations of this product - I will not try them based on the heavy menthol/minty content.If you are looking for that type of cool that formulation might be one to try.
    The Sensitive skin version has just the faintest hint of chamomile that diminishes quickly- The balm is virtually scentless.I rated this a 10 for scent as I want none in this type of product.

    This is a very good product that I will continue to use, it leaves my face feeling smooth and tack free, relives the dry tight feeling and is quite economical.

    Please do not post in this review unless you have used this product and can rate it- go to this Discussion tread to make other comments.
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    I recently took a bottle of Nivea Sensitive on a trip. It had been months since I had used this and I forgot just how wonderful of a product this is!

    The balm is very milky and applies well: it goes on easily, coating the skin with a light layer. It dries non-tacky, leaves no real scent, and is very effective against razor burn. Although this stuff is dirt cheap, the glass container will not be embarrassing to leave out in your bathroom.

    If you were assembling a poor-manís shaving kit, this would be in there alongside the Palmolive. The Nivea now resides on my aftershave treatment tray, where it will be staying.
    - Justin

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    Excellent stuff--you could do worse than to be limited to this as your only ASB.

    Works better than lots of stuff that costs 4/5X more.

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    Default Skyguy

    I agree with both these guys. Only thing I'd add is to use it sparingly -- it's easy to apply too much, and when you do, it can stay on the skin rather than being absorbed well. The scent -- what little there is -- is clean and pleasant. If you want to add a cologne after awhile, there's no conflict. Great product, easy to find locally and priced well. I'd recommend it highly especially to those new to wet shaving who might be concerned about overcoming that burning face we've all experienced.
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    If u don't have this in your shaving supplies-what are you waiting for?

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    This is what my father had on his sink for decades. First AS balm I tried. Good allrounder, but nothing special. Doesn't burn but tingles a bit. Good moisture.

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    A decent, inexpensive product available locally.

    I agree with using it sparingly, as too much will take too long to dry. However, when you get it right, it absorbs easily and dries down to a nice matte finish.

    Mildly scented so doesn't interfere with layering other products/scents.

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    Great product really worth the price. I would probably would be willing to pay more for it as it is really great balm! Have used it for quite long time and never got disappointed.
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    Thumbs up

    I really like this ASB and use it several times, weekly. I enjoy the scent, but its a bit weak (I'm sure it is intentional). Everything else about it is excellent.


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    Default Great ASB for the price

    Price: Very cheap, great for people who don't want to spend a ton on ASBs.

    Quality: Everything from the bottle to the scent of this product was well thought out.

    Fights Razor Burn: Well it doesn't aggrivate razor burn, it has a cooling sensation that really calms the skin down.

    Efficacy: It's like milk, easy to apply on your face.

    Moisturizing: If it weren't for the fact that this stuff dries up and leaves my skin feeling tight shorty after applying it, I would NEVER buy another ASB. This is a great summer ASB, or for those who have oily skin that don't need a heavy moisturizer. But for me I only use this before I go to bed now.

    Overall: A great product for the price.

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    I believe this stuff works well. It has only a mild scent. It keeps my skin cool. And, it doesn't cost very much. My only complaint is an occassional stinging sensation if I've shaved too much, but it goes away. It also makes my skin feel very smooth.

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    Used this off and on for about 2 years. Don't use it everyday. It used to work really well, but for me the new formulation doesn't seem to relieve as good as the old formula. The moisturizing is about the same, but the comfort I used to get from the old version after applying just is not there in this version. For that reason, I will be passing this product by in favor of Proraso's liquid cream. Don't know what they did to this, but it's not the same stuff, for me anyway.


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    Default very nice

    mine was quite thick and a little went a long way. I had the same bottle for three years, though it was in a 3 bottle rotation. very soothing. great product and everyone should try it out. not a big gamble for 5 bucks. Nice glass bottle. Extremely mild scent, nice for layering under your intended scent.
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  14. Default Thank God for this product!

    All I have to add is that I have extremely sensitive skin and this has all but eliminated dry and unmanagable skin after my shaves. Great all around. I can't wait to try the Proraso that people like so much next.

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    I've been using this product for a couple of weeks now; I really like it. I got the sensitive due to the fact that it is virtualy scent free. Just a lite chamomile scent upon application. It is very mild, no burning what so ever. I rated the moisturizing a 6 because I apply another cream all over my face. So I cannot rate it accurately. It is indeed a great product wich sells for a nice price, around $8 CDN. No go out and buy some.

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    Great product, great price. A real relief for the sensitive skin and what is great is that it is unscented, so i can put some AS like Aqua Velva or skin bracer after it.

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    Default Great Product for the Price

    This is the only aftershave I am currently using.

    The price is unbeatable. You get a great product for under $5.

    The quality is much, much better than one would expect from something this inexpensive.

    It sometimes stings briefly, but does have a good cooling effect and leaves my face feeling refreshed.

    It has a great consistency, goes on easily, and is readily absorbed by the skin.

    My skin tends to be fairly dry from swimming regularly in a chlorinated pool, but this product leaves me feeling adequately moisturized.

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    Default Go get some......

    Always have a spare bottle of this stuff lying around. I tend to use more than usuall as i also shave my head using my DE.

    This is a great inexpensive ASB and is well absorbed by the skin, well my skin anyway

    I recommend you at least try it as it is cheap and a little goes a long way , i also find it pleasently unscented and a great product.


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    This has become my favorite ASB. Goes on light, absorbes well, does not leave my face greasy at the end of the day. Perfect if you already have oily skin as I do. Scent is almost non-existant so it doesnt clash if you want to wear a scent. Really calms my skin down and is soothing after a rough shave. I enjoy the Prosaso ASB as well, but find it more greasy.

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    Thumbs up Highly recommended.

    This stuff is serious value for money and a great way to finish your shave routine. As noted before, a little goes a long way and it is very moisturising.

    I apply with one hand and smooth with the other - especially helpful if you inadvertantly use a little too much.

    Highly recommended.

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