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Thread: I dont know who to thank

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    Default I dont know who to thank

    Well, what with me off on a cologne acquisition disorder, I received a nice package of soaps and a cream or two and some borax and glycerin. I do not recognize the name and so I am feeling bad because I do not know whom to PM to thank. Maybe it is the scent samples I have on the back of my hands that I keep sniffing to blame


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    Scotto is the man with the samples i think. Thats who i got mine from anyway.

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    Hi Sam
    About a month ago I asked for volunteers to sample and give feedback on shaving soaps I am developing. You were kind enough to try the soaps and give feedback on how they could be improved. If you search for the thread "suggestions please" (on SMF) it should jog your memory and it will become quite clear.
    I am flattered you thought they were finished product and I look forward to your evaluations!
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    Well, I just got them and I will tell you, there is one little seashell like soap that is smelling wonderfully. I will try them out. I am such an airhead when it comes to swaps. I cant remember who I swapped some Trumpers cream for the Crabtree and Evelyn Almond cream, lol


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