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Thread: I'm going to have my first shave today with an injector

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    Default I'm going to have my first shave today with an injector

    Any suggestions? It's a 50 year old Schick injector with CVS Pharmacy brand blades, I plan on prepping the same way I would with a DE.


    Just finished. I got a MUCH closer shave with the injector than I got with the DE. I tried to clean up with the DE after the injector, but it was no good. The injector was much better.

    Oh well, I suppose I'll use the injector for a while.

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    My entire neck is dark/bright red. I guess the price of the closer shave is a huge amount of irritation. Then again, I'm pretty new at this, so I'll keep trying and see what happens.

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    Injectors are great shavers. I believe from your description that you are doing the work instead of your razor, or perhaps you are taking passes without cream. Injectors require a light touch, they are sharp with a heavy blade. Ease up and take your time. Reapply shave cream even for touch ups. Let the razor do the work and use three nice gentle passes. You'll find you have a lot less irritation. I believe if you use it daily you''ll have the hang in less than a week. Happy shaves.

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