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Thread: Anyone try this stuff yet?

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    Default Anyone try this stuff yet?

    I just tried a new aftershave balm, "L'OREAL Men's expert COMFORT MAX".
    It's alcohol free, has vitamin E, and a spf 15 sunscreen. It's in a light blue plastic squeeze bottle with orange trim. Fantastic! Great feeling going on, non-greasy, very hydrating.

    Picked it up in the men's shaving section at Meijer, a regional super center here in NW Ohio. $6.95 for 3.3 oz.
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    I was thinking about picking some up the other day when I was at CVS getting some shampoo and conditioner, but decided I wasn't sure if it was worth it.

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    I tried it awhile back, but for some reason it did not agree with my skin. I guess I can try it again, perhaps it was something else I reacted to (?)
    ....I always hate to think there is some awesome product out there that I can't use due to allergies or something. Like "Tide" laundry detergent...does a great job, but it's not for me...wearing clothes washed in it will make me look like an ebola patient....
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