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Thread: Sand paper Honing

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    Default Sand paper Honing

    Is it possible to Hone on sandpaper? If yes, wich grits and how? I think the grit scales might not be the same for sandpaper than for hones. I can't find sandpaper with higher grit than 800, but 800 Is finer than some hones I came across that claimed 2000 and more.
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    Well if you are talking about honing a straight, then I would say no.

    For this simple reason. You stand the chance of scratching the heck out of your straight.

    Sandpaper is just that small bits of sand that have been glued to paper. Stones are not that abrasive, or rather a different kind of abrasive.

    I could be wrong.

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    I dunno, I use wetted wet/dry sandpaper to restore heavily damaged blades. Just make sure the surface you are putting the paper on is flat.

    I use a cheap glass cuttingboard and just slap that wet sandpaper onto it.

    I don't use it for finish work, just roughing stuff in.

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    Though its not the usual way to hone a razor there are people who do it and are very successful. I don't so I can't help you with grits. Usually they use wet dry sandpaper and attach it to another surface. There are actually many unorthodox ways to hone and people are always coming up with new ones.

    Actually sandpaper contains no actual "sand". Its usually crushed garnets but other materials are also used but never "sand".

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    Normal sand paper probably won't give you the proper grits. If you have micromesh sand paper you might be able to do a nice can get grits up to 12000.(micromesh is used to remove scratches off light aircraft windshields).


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    You can go to an auto store. They should have sandpaper grits in the 1000-4000 range, and then you could use the micromesh.

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