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Thread: FS: Brooks Brothers Cuff Links Lot

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    Default FS: Brooks Brothers Cuff Links Lot

    Up for sale is a lot of four pairs of cufflinks. All pairs are in mint condition. The first is from Brooks Brothers, is made of 925 Italian Silver and mother of pearl, it has a black and pearl checkerboard type design and comes in a blue lizard skin case. Next is a pair of silk cuff knots from Thomas Pink in dark and light blue. Also a pair of vintage Indian head penny cuff links and a pair of tortoise shell brass cuff links, both pairs bought from Robert Redfords Sundance store in Utah. Asking $35 shipped via paypal only. Comes with a sample of D.R. Harris Arlington Shave Cream and a sample puck of Col. Conk Lime shave soap! SOLD

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