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Thread: Consistently bumping my neck

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    Default Consistently bumping my neck

    Hey everyone,

    Glad to be here!

    I have been wet shaving since christmas time, but no matter what I do I always catch the lower right corner of my neck (right of throat).

    I typically shave 1 pass wtg and 1 pass xtg for my face, but a second pass wtg for the neck areas instead of a xtg.

    Using the Merkur HD with mostly israeli blades, a burma boar brush and proraso cream using face lathering.

    My shave is always smooth, but when I get to that area of the lower neck (right side) it hurts and I get little streamers almost 100% of the time.

    What do I do?

    I have tried 'holding a swallow' and 'bullfrogging' my throat in addition to other techniques, but to no avail.



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    Welcome to BandB.

    I had the same problem and was able to solve it simply by feeling my beard. The lower neck is notorious for random hair growth. Let your beard grow for a couple of days and then take a good look at it to find out what "wtg" really is. Concentrate on that and your shaves should improve.

    Failing that, check out the great resources in the forum!
    "The intrepid Spaceman Spiff is stranded on a distant planet! ..our hero ruefully acknowledges that this happens fairly frequently.."

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    Will do.

    Thanks Spaceman_Spiff!

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    +1 on Spiff's really helps if you know which direction the hair grows. In addition, we all have a spot or 2 that is really hard to get the blade angle right. It may be as simple as you are scraping just that one spot. Next time you shave that spot, stretch the skin the best you can, get a mild blade angle, and take a few VERY short strokes. I would leave it at that. rinse off and see how it fares for the day.

    Also, if it's already irritated before you shave...give it a rest for a day or two. Even the best solution won't help much if your skin hasen't had a little time to recover.

    Best of luck,

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    I had the same issue. What worked for me was to move from the HD to a Mergress, where I can dial a bit less blade exposure.

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    I'm nearly at the same timeperiod and have the same problem on my lower left neck just about from the end of the shave line up two inches. What I did:

    --Really, really looked at how the hair was growing. Found that there wasn't a consistent WTG pass possible as every hair seems determined to grow in a different direction from its immediate neighbor. So,
    --Tried the best WTG pass possible given the wild terrain, followed by the best XTG and then oddly enough the best ATG possible but all using the light Kyle Holding Technique. A feathery light touch in this area with those three passes works very well for me. The key being a very, very light touch and really, really paying attention to good razor angle.

    And as for the kit: Merkur HD "Barber Pole," Derby Extra blades, Body Shop Men's Shave cream, badger brush, lather worked up at sink in an old celadon rice bowl that holds heat nicely.

    After a month I can shave closely, comfortably and with actual pleasure. I can also pass by the M3 cartridges at the checkout stand with a knowing smile and sometimes even a snicker.

    M. Talleyrand

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