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Thread: Anyone from G'boro or Charlotte, NC

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    Default Anyone from G'boro or Charlotte, NC

    I may be visiting Greensboro or Charlotte this weekend and was wondering if there are any stores that may sell shaving products. I would be particularly interesting in some higher end colognes/ aftershaves (think 3 T's) or soaps and creams. Thank you.
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    i went to grad school in g'boro; i think southpark mall has been stated to have some stuff in charlotte.

    um, in g'boro; i would try the shops at friendly, there are LOTS of just local shops there; im positive you can find a few things, u just might have to look
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    Do a search on Charlotte...there was a thread on this that might be handy for you....

    There is an outside shot I might be relocating from Tampa to Charlotte myself.

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