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Thread: 1st shave with a Slim Adjustable

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    Default 1st shave with a Slim Adjustable

    I got a Slim Adjustable from Skydivemd via the Shaving Mall a few days ago. I tried it out this morning with a Feather blade and set to level 3. I only started wetshaving in January and only with Superspeeds, this was my first try with an adjustable.

    Wow! What a fantastic shave. Nearly BBS with 3 passes -- one WTG and 2 XTG (opposite directions) plus some ATG touch up and blade buffing.

    I have two spots on my chin that always turn red after a shave and they are much less irritated.

    If I continue getting these results, I may never go back to my Superspeeds!
    -- Jim
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    The Slim is a great razor for sure. I prefer the FB simply because I like a thicker handle but none the less the Slim will treat you right. Try dialing it up to 5.

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    Slim dialed at 6 (Derby or Sw. Gillettes) is my daily razor. Has been for many years.

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    Default 4th shave with slim

    I just finished my 4th shave with a 62 slim - what a GREAT razor

    I had it set at 2-3-4-5 for a 4-pass shave.

    I have ZERO irritation and am as close to a BBS as I have ever come.

    This was with a derby extra

    tomorrow I am going to try a feather, but not go above 4


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    The slim is one of my favorite razors. I use in my rotation about every other week with all my others worked in on the off weeks.
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    I think the slim is underrated. Everybody says fatboy this and fatboy that. I absolutely love the way my slim shaves. It gets twice as much action as my other razors, even the beloved fatboy.

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    I'm still not sure if I could do any better than my Slim. I usually start out at 5 and then dial down to 2 for the final pass. I might have to try the other way around.

    I want a Fatboy, but I just do not know if it is worth the extra $.
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    I haven't tried the Slim yet. Picked one up last week, want to give it a little polish. Your reviews are encouraging!!

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