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Thread: Just got a Jemico, what do you think of it?

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    Default Just got a Jemico, what do you think of it?

    I was waiting to buy a TM strop in a few weeks and yesterday (my birthday) a friend gave me a 23"x2" Jemico "Russia" made in Germany strop.
    It got canvas on one side and beautiful brown/reddish leather on the other.
    It as an leather handle.

    He also gave me a bottle of Fromm #364 Strop Dressing. How much of this dressing should I put on and how often.

    How does this strop comparable to TM strop's?? (I know TM are tops).


    Quebec, Canada

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    I had one of those myself and liked it very much. I never dressed mine but simply used it plain. Jemico and Dovo both buff the surface of their leather to achieve a little more draw. My only beef with the Jemico was that is cupped within days due to humidity. Maybe the dressing would prevent some of that?


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    Thanks Mr Miller.
    Honest input form a guy how knows ihis stuff.
    Still a TM strop is not out of the picture, just saving up for a top of the line one.


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    to jacques13:

    i've had two jemico's, both of the type you describe. the last one i've been using for around five years. the only comment i can make is that i never had a lot of joy with the linen side, and just recently applied some of the dovo paste for the canvas,linen. i'm still undecided on the results.

    on the russian leather side, i just rub it several times with the ball of my hand before i strop. this serves both to conditioner the leather with the oil that rubs of my hand, and also to warm it and make the leather more supple.

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