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Thread: Custom Brush Maker's?

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    Default Custom Brush Maker's?

    The idea of the B&B brush is very exciting, and as long as it is still going ahead I am definitely interested, but I have a number of ideas of my own I would like to see developed and therefore I would appreciate it if anybody could give me some information on various custom brush manufacturers I may be unaware of. At the moment I am familiar with Superior Brushes and I have a Hammerpilot on the way, I am also aware of (and impressed with what I have seen from) the Thomas Anthony Company. Are there any other custom makers of high end brushes that you would recommend? Joel said that the artist responsible for the B&B brush made $1000 brushes, and although I know the logic is highly flawed, I still associate high cost with highly desirable so anything along these lines would be of interest to me.
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    What about cooncatbob? I don't know if he would be interested in working for some other B&B member, but the work that he has shown us looks great!

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