Hi All,

I am after the dimensions of the dovo of solingen safety razor stand, the one that has two open ends, not the one with two open ends and a hole.

The dimensions what I am after are basically all of them,

The circumference of the base,
The length of the pole + circumfernece (circumference is not mega important)
The lenght and width of the bar/holder + the thinkness (again thinkness is not mega important)
The height at which the bar is,
The width of the brush and razor holder cut outs and their depth
The weight of aswell

The reason is I am going to talk to my brother in law into making me something to hold my Futur and brush, it wont be brushed SS but I would like something resembling the Dovo and also these dimensions are good that when the Futur is in place it doesnt fall over as the razor is quite heafty...
I think the final peace (if I can talk him round, will be powder coated, most possibly black).

Thanking you in advance