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Thread: Traveling and Wetshaving?

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    I'm flying tomorrow for an interview so I want to make sure my shave looks good. I wasn't planning on checking a bag, my understanding is that I can take a mach 3 on board but not a DE? I was thinking about taking my brush, mach 3, and a small bit of proraso in a little bottle. What do you usually lather in when you're on the road? A plastic cup?


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    Here's a video that might help:



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    You will have fun at the airport . I think its a three ounce limit , and it must be in a clear plastic bag . Good luck anyway .
    michael m

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    Face lathering works well in general. If that's not your cup of tea, you could ask for a mug or a soup or cereal bowl from the hotel you are staying in. If you travel more often, it's worth getting a bunch of various small bottles and jars from The Container Store or Bed Bath & Beyond.

    Good luck!

    Best - MM

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    Thanks for the ideas. Mantic I rembered watching that video when I was watching all your others while waiting for my new shaving gear to arrive when I just started. I forgot about it though with all the new information I was digesting. Thanks for the help.

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    Each passenger is limited to one clear quart bag. Each container in the bag can contain no more than 3 oz.

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    Make sure that the bottle has the oz labeled. They will confiscate anything that does not say how many oz it is. They are stupid that way.

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