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Thread: Mystic Water Wild Lavender Shaving Stick

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    Default Mystic Water Wild Lavender Shaving Stick

    This is the best soap I've tried to date. Blows away Arko. Now what do I do with the other sticks?

    I've yet to try Speicks, Wilkinson, Palmolive, Toja and LEA, all unopened and waiting. I know they won't beat it and almost want to throw them out, lol. Yeah, it's that good.

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    PIF em
    Trade em
    sell em

    My three favorite soaps (right now) are Stirling, Mystic Waters, and Mike's
    RazoRock Don Marco is my all-time favorite.
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    Michelle's scents are wonderful. Wild Lavender is also one of my favorites, and I also like Sandalwood Rose, Vanilla Sandalwood, and Sardinian Honey. As much as I love Mystic Water soaps, Speick and La Toja are also top notch shave sticks. Mike's and Mystic Water are my two favorite soaps, and Mike's also comes in a stick. I tend to alternate between Mike's and Mystic Water about four days/week, and use a variety of other great soaps available today for the other three days. Have fun!

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    PIF them! Congratulations on discovering a fantastic soap.
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