I know there are fans of "wally world" and those that hate it. My local Wal Mart just upgraded itself to a SuperCenter. So, tonight I dropped by to see what changes have occured. I was glad to see they still carry the Personna DE razor blades, $1.36 for 10 blades. Florida Water is just $3.74. The Florida Water is over with the ladies bath soaps. Next to the Florida Water, they also had the Maja Soaps. They are priced up around $10.00, a bit more than I am willing to pay for soap, but a very nice fragrance. They also had Bic Metals. I don't remember the price, but many of the Wal Mart stores I have visited don't carry them at all. Williams Shaving Soap is still readily available for just .97 cents. The first Wal Mart in Texas was opened in my home town, and I have shopped there since I was 15, so I like Wal Mart, but I hate the hassle. Overall, Wal Mart does carry a fair amount of good shaving accessories, and yes, they still have Old Spice, but I have a 10 year supply of that!