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    Finally got around to trying one of my Old Types recently, I have to say, it has a very different feel from any of Gillette's later razors. The blade basically sits on your face and feels quite aggressive. However, I got an extremely close shave and I may have to start using it more. Anyone regularly use an Old Type?

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    I've got a couple of them, I think they're the best.

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    I have 2 Old Types. One with the original Silver plating and one that Krona Kruiser replated. I do have to say you can definitely feel the blade on your face. It's a different feel for sure. The blade feels stiffer for lack of a better word...and like it sticks out straighter, as opposed to being angled down a bit, not sure if that is really true but it feels that way.

    I do get a good shave with it. A little irritation, but nothing like my New LC or my 2013 R41. I am going to spend some more time with it as soon as I get the new handle I am planning on ordering. I hear that a nice, heavy handle makes a difference in the shave.
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