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Thread: Razor blade corrosion

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    Default Razor blade corrosion

    Hi All

    Are these blades corroded? The Personna Med gets like this around the sixth shave (this is the second blade I have used and both had the same results). Only the Personna Med seems to do this to me (I haven't used a Lab yet). The Wilkinson Sword (made in Germany and in black pack) looked like this after the first shave. I will be trying another Wilkinson Sword. My normal clean up procedure is rinse in water, then shake off water and let soak in 99% alcohol (the Wilkinson Sword I let soak in olive oil last night before I used it today for my first shave so I have no idea if it looked like this before shaving with it today - it looked normal when I took it out of the wrapping yesterday).

    Thanks for your help.

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    Olive oil (as many other or all vegetable oils) contains acids.
    Alcohol is hygroscopic (attracts, that is "sucks up" moisture) and will not remain in its 99% purity for a long time. Completely mineral free water is quite a bit more aggressive on metal than hard water is.

    Try with just shaking your razor dry.
    If this does not help you still can remove the blade for drying which will do the trick I guess (very soft tap water, and especially artificially softened hard water can cause problems when left even on so called stainless steel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haegar View Post
    ...even on so called stainless steel.
    Correct. It's stain less, not will never ever ever rust. The properties of stainless make it corrosion resistant, not corrosion proof. It will start breaking down in the right environment.

    I went from hard well water to processed city water when I moved this summer. My blades went from looking perfectly fine up to the day I tossed them, changing blades weekly, to now showing corrosion after two or three shaves.

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