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Thread: Dorco Comfort Thin II Carts

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    Default Dorco Comfort Thin II Carts

    Does anyone know if these carts fit on a Sensor handle? I believe these are the same twin carts the 'Dollar Shave Club' uses?

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    Yes the same as DSC....I've tried them and they were terrible for me...way too much blade exposure, super aggressive...again for me, YMMV. I do like their 4 blade and had high hopes for their 2 blade as I like the sensor and atra carts....but sadly they suck :-)
    Fits Atra handle 99% sure...will check when I get back home Sunday and let ya know for sure!
    - Dell, if you need me for anything at all, I'll be driving around in my car somewhere!

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    They are the DSC twin cart, and no they don't fit the sensor handle. They do give a decent shave, but I personally like the sensor and sensor excel carts much better.

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