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    is there any info on the RazoRock Safety Razors?


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    yeah google instead of the search here, you will find the posts easier. I have the slab, I put the handle on my EJ DB 89, it is a killer handle and you can just buy that but the head is very good also, a tiny bit more agressive.
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    My understanding is that the RazoRock open comb is the same as the Cadet/Pearl/Matador/Sabi open combs. No clue re: closed combs.
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    I have the RR Jaws and the Sabi T1 closed comb. Their heads are not the same.

    To me the RR Jaws head is similar to a Gillette Old Type, but smoother and more aggressive.

    The Sabi close comb head is more like a EJ D89 (I would expect the Sabi open comb to a little more aggressive).

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