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Thread: What was so special about this razor?

  1. Default What was so special about this razor?

    I ran across this long before it ended, did all the Googling I knew how (couldn't find a thing), and figured I would bid $25 or $30 on it. It passed that well before the end, and settled at $113.50! Does anybody know what it is and why it's so valuable?

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    That thing is gorgeous!
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    Interesting. With the wedge blade, it's an early one. The design looks very similar to the Gold Manufacturing Co. Military Razor.

    As for price, it's old and unusual. And appears to be in good shape.
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    That is very nice and i would love to own it,but it looks like it might take a bit of carefull handling.
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    Never saw one like that before.
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    Coinsandmoreonline has a later generation from Columbia listed. I picked up a complete set (telescoping "pocket" strop, Wostenholm IXL blades and strop handle, all in box) awhile back. Excellent little shaver that takes modern blades as well. Given the condition, and the build-quality based on my sample, I wouldn't say "overpriced". Of course, you can't guarantee return value with highly specialized items, but you can't beat the pride-of-ownership either.

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    never saw one before.
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    I happened to run across some pictures of a boxed one. About halfway down the page here:

    "Dated 1889 Pat Pend ELECTRIC"

    Unfortunately, no further info.

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